Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are enthusiastic about taking part in the betting events. However, only very few people manage to be successful in the long term. For betting in the field of sports betting involves a little more than just listening to your own gut feeling. So there are some clues, tips and tricks, which make the introduction and especially the playing itself a little easier, and above all make sure that the pleasure in playing does not vanish again immediately. Knowledge, self-control and discipline play a major role here. But that’s only a small part of what really matters. However, the following article is intended to provide information on the rest.


Watch the odds

Betting odds are the be-all and end-all in betting and can be found at any sports betting provider. But what exactly are odds and why are they so important? When it comes to betting odds, one must first note that behind such a betting odds is a bookie, which has created them with a probability calculation. This probability indicates how high the bookmaker estimates the chance that a certain event will occur. And here it is important that you make your own calculations in order to compare the bookmaker’s quota with your own. However, it is important to note that the bookmaker’s own value and that of the bookmaker will always differ slightly. Because the bookmaker has other information and, above all, he also adds his profit margin, which is usually around 7%. If you have then made your own probability calculation, it is called odds comparison. And it is always an advantage if you register as a user with several betting providers. For this one finds naturally in the Internet numerous web pages like which make a bet offerer comparison available.


Leave emotions out of the equation

Feelings and emotions have no place in sports betting. If you want to bet successfully in the long run, you have to leave your own fan feelings out of the game. That is, no matter how great the love for your own club is, you still have to let the facts take precedence and take them into account. It can happen that, if you want to win, you have to bet on the opposing team, even though the favourite is also in the game. But also teams, which are normally not as popular, as for example a team, which has achieved many successes only by sponsoring money or investors within a few years, can have advantages. Because even if one’s own pride may not allow it to bet on these teams, the expert recommends jumping over one’s own shadow here. Because betting on such teams can, because they are avoided by most, often score points with values.


Value bets  

The Value says a lot when it comes to betting. Because it is he who indicates the added value of a bet for a user. So a betting user should see each of his bets as a kind of investment, which is worthwhile for a certain probability or rather not. However, this does not simply happen with any odds, but only if a value is also available. And this is exactly the case when your own calculated odds are lower than those of the betting provider. The question that one should ask oneself here as a user is whether the investment in the bookmaker’s offer is really worthwhile.  


Especially for betting enthusiasts who only bet for fun, it is in most cases the gut feeling that determines what is bet on. Those who want to win in the long run should never rely on gut feeling alone. Because success requires knowledge, facts and figures. But also statistics and form curves should not be missing when searching for the right tip. Basically, it is a matter of drawing conclusions on the basis of measurable figures about events that lie in the near future. And a correct probability calculation then results in a value that can be used to weigh up whether a bet is worth it or not. The gut feeling should therefore be at the back of the balance.


Combination bets aren’t what they promise.

One or the other betting enthusiast expects a lot from so-called combination bets. So there are already real strategies that have been developed just to play combination bets. The theory behind this is simple: By combining individual bets you increase the odds and thus your chances of winning. So there are plenty of providers advertising with their combination bets and promise the user winnings in the thousands and even added a bonus. But here, too, it must be remembered that sports betting is always about value and there is no combination bet to help. The probability calculation is important no matter how many bets are placed with each other. And you always have to keep in mind that the fact that a bookmaker advertises a betting option in such a way and equips it with bonuses is only proof that this betting option can’t be very lucrative. Because why should providers advertise with a strategy and even distribute bonuses if they are not sure that they are the winners?


The right money management

When betting, it is very important to be clear about how much money you have available and how much you are willing to lose. Because it will happen even more frequently at the beginning that one or the other bet will be lost. And this requires discipline and above all self-control. Bets on bets should always be placed in relation to available capital. This means that only as much as you are prepared to lose should be set. Because even if all factors, such as probability calculation, statistics, shape curve etc. have been taken into account, there is still the risk of landing a false step. Because you must never forget that betting is still a matter of luck. The expert therefore recommends never betting more than 3-5% of the available capital on a bet. Because if you put your entire budget on an event and then lose it, you lose your chance to play more games. At least without getting into financial difficulties.  



Everyone who places sports bets should keep a record of what they have bet, how much they have spent and what they have won or lost. Because from this it is possible for the player to calculate a yield from a certain number of bets placed to see whether he is on the right track himself or not. In addition, the accounting department is very helpful in keeping everything under control. In addition, the user takes the entire betting process a little more seriously and does not forget that this is an investment and not a game of chance. The positive return then ensures that the stakes increase automatically and that the approach to the matter is even more motivated.


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