Yesterday, Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, stood up for Scotland and Paisley and Renfrewshire North’s overwhelming vote to Remain in the European Union during the debate ahead of the ‘Meaningful Vote’ on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

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During his speech to Parliament, Newlands stated that it would be a ‘betrayal unlike anything ever seen before’ towards young people if MPs ripped away the opportunities of EU membership after they voted to remain in the European Union.

The MP maligned the Prime Minister’s decision of delaying the vote last month in order to receive concessions from the European Union, just to return with nothing. He then criticised Jeremy Corbyn for holding his own party to ransom and refusing to get behind the option of a second EU referendum.

But the main focus of Newlands’ speech was on the benefits of Freedom of Movement, the MP argued that the chance to live, work, and build relationships freely across the continent was a privilege that older generations have taken for granted and that more people should stand up for.

Gavin commented following his speech:

“Scotland voted to Remain in the European Union, and I believe that we would surely do so again. The withdrawal date draws nearer and yet the Tory government continues to ignore our compromises.

“People from across the EU have come to Scotland to build their lives, they help keep our NHS running, they work hard building businesses and contributing to our economy, and most importantly they enrich our way of life. And Scottish people benefit just as much from the ability to freely travel across the EU.”

During his speech, Gavin mentioned his constituent Ivan’s story. Ivan was born in Spain, studied in Italy, and eventually found his way to work for Scotland’s NHS. His wife is Irish, and has worked for the United Nations in Denmark, and now lives in Scotland.

Upon hearing that Gavin brought up his story, Ivan said:

“I believe that membership of the EU is the best chance we have at guaranteeing my family and I’s civil liberties while maintaining prosperity and freedom in Europe.

“I also hope and wish for my children to have all the same opportunities that I enjoyed, not less.”

In closing the speech, Gavin said:

“The UK has lurched from crisis to crisis for years and the UK, it’s clear, is broken. No Westminster will make meaningful strides towards a brighter future. That leaves one inescapable conclusion: to ensure good governance and the chance at building an economy and a society that is open to the world, tolerant, and gives everyone the opportunity to flourish, Scotland must become and independent country.”


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