What You Need for the Perfect Family Day Out

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When you are raising a family of little ones, you will want to spend quality time with them every chance you get. One of the staples of a great childhood is planning amazing family days out that get the whole family into the great outdoors and having the time of your life. Organising these little trips out doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or demand a lot of thinking in advance. With some simple tips and ideas, this guide will have you taking your family out every weekend and making incredible memories you can all treasure together in no time.

Some tasty food

The first thing you will want to sort out when planning a day out is the food because there is nothing fun about a hungry child! To do this, you need to get some ideas about what goes into the perfect picnic basket. If you do a little bit of prep the night before, you can be sure you are bringing both tasty and healthy food to keep you and the little ones nourished all day long.

Saving the memories

When you are out on your family adventures, you will always want to have something to remember each day you spend together. The easiest way of doing this is by taking lots of photos. This is easier than ever today with phone cameras, and you can use online services, such as those offered by Super Snaps, to get the pictures printed off and sent right to your door. A great way of fitting more photos into your album or scrapbook is to have them printed off as Polaroid style prints, which also adds some funky, retro flair to the look of your pictures.

Fun and games

When in the great outdoors, you won’t always want to be spending lots of money. A great way to keep the costs low is by thinking of some outdoor game ideas you can all enjoy together. The best place to start with this is to think of all the games you used to play in the school playground when you were little. Classic games, such as hide and seek, are great fun and don’t cost anything. If you want to get more creative, why not plan a treasure hunt in your local park and hide some treats you kids have to find by using a homemade map?

Enjoying nature

An advantage of planning days out is that it will instill in your kids a love of nature from an early age. One way to foster this growing interest is to go on nature walks together and see what wildlife you can spot. There are lots of guides suited to children that you can source online, and by researching the area you are going to visit in advance, you will be able to point out all the birds and plants of interest to them

Having family days out are what makes a childhood, and preserving those memories will give you something wonderful to look back on when they are all grown up.