When you want to play slots online, you want to have fun, and that will not happen when the sounds and animations are sloppy. That is why you need to find an online slot that will give you an experience that you can enjoy.

There are slots with sounds that feel like they are not even trying. If you want to have an immersive experience that will give you fun and no fatigue, find the coolest games. If you are having trouble doing this, then this list by SlotStory should help.  

You probably realize at this point that games from a long time ago, like 2010 and back, does not really have the graphics for it. They appear dated and uninteresting. That is why in this review of the top 5 slots with cool animations and sounds, we look at very new games.

So, here we go:


  • Jumanji


No doubt, you have heard of Jumanji in your lifetime. This fame is not without precedent. That is why the games have done well. The slot game is awesome in terms of music and animation. NetEnt has done a great job on this one.

There are so many animations with the sticky vines, the wild symbols, the monsoon features and various other things happening which all combine to give you a real thrill that will keep you entertained for hours.

The hype is not for nothing. This game has had success as a board game, and now it is in the slot casino world. There is no way that you should miss out on this.


  • Fortunium


This pokie that is playable on the phone is a release of Microgaming, and they have been in the game for a long time. This one has high definition graphics that will immerse you in the whole scenery. Fortunium succeeds on all levels in terms of visuals.

The music is not bad and if you combine that with everything else, it will give you a good time. There are 40 paylines and 5 reels. All these will keep you busy, and you will not have much to complain in terms of visuals.

Fortunium has a vaguely ‘Wizard of Oz’ feel to it in terms of the graphics, and you will find this to be very attractive visually.


  • CashOccino


This is a beverage themed game that has one of the best gameplay ever. The colours of coffee are the themes that you will find on the reels. They drive the game forward. The wild symbol in this one takes the form of a coffee cup that we all recognize.

The other symbols are for the other coffees, and they will include; Café Latte, Mocha Swiss, Espresso, Americano and Bella Roma. The logos themselves have the coat of arms design. This will give you a feel of progress when there is a noticeable change in the animation.

The game excels on so many levels. Get your shots of caffeine now.


  • Poke The Guy


Now here is a slot that redefines the genre. It is different, and it has all the cool stuff that you look for and more. Microgaming made this one too. There is a fork with a force field that has arrows on both sides. This is not all. The game’s graphics are rendered so well.

There are no wild symbols but there is this guy who moves randomly, and all you have to do is throw stuff at him and hope you hit him. He will be moving around what appears to be Las Vegas. There will be landmarks too like Mt. Rushmore and the Eiffel Tower.

It is a fun game with graphics intended to make the game even better.


  • Poltava – Flames Of War


This challenging and visually beautiful title is something that I think you will enjoy if you love slot games. The setting is the beginning of the 18th century in Ukraine. The army of Russia, led by Peter the Great of Russia meets the Royal Forces from Sweden.

This battle determined the power of both these countries. The pokie is simply stunning, to say the least. The battlefield is shown very clearly. The atmospheres are well designed to be awesome. The symbols are all military of course, and this sets the scene for a great game.

The soundtrack is more movie-like than a slot. It is not a pokie that you should pass up. Get ready, pick a side and charge into war.

In Conclusion

Now that we have seen the games that do their job well, it is time you pick one and play it. You have to realize that these are not the only games with cool animations and music, there are more. Happy playing!


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