Many gamblers tend to believe in astrological forecasts just as they believe in pursuing their own luck. In gambling, these projections into the future are aimed at explaining a person’s future in gaming based on the position of the planet and stars at a specific time. The horoscope can also give you some tips on how to get the best from gambling. The signs discussed below have horoscope lucky numbers which might help you out when playing casino games.

Aries (21st March -19th April)

People under this sign are known to be competitive and aggressive. If you fall under the Aries sign, you love challenges and fast action offered by the competitive environment of the game. This can make you succeed in sport betting in 2018. Ensure you have done enough research about the game, the choices, and odds. Aires are well known to be adventurous, and thus you can play side bets which will be more exciting. Other games you will succeed in are sic bo, craps, and roulette. Your fortunate days are Saturday, Friday, and Monday. Aires winning numbers are 83, 77, 41, 18 and 6. The lucky colors this year are all shades of yellow and saffron.

Taurus (20th April -20th May)

The Taurus is known to be stubborn, astute and observant, sensual and indulgent and also quite thoughtful. You are a person who wants to keep control and want to see the probable outcomes before you start playing. The best choices of games this year are roulette, cards, and traditional games. Be wise when choosing the slot and put full concentration on it. The lucky colors are pink and pale blue while the winning numbers are 82, 57, 50, 35 and 5. Thursdays and Wednesdays are your fortunate days.

Gemini (21st May -20th June)

People under this sign are known to love new experiences and also for their active lifestyle. These people can thrive in any environment and group. Your lucky game this year is craps. It will be wise if you concentrate more on how to stake rather than the quantity. You are known to be intelligent, and this will help you through the gamble. Sunday, Saturday, Wednesday, and Monday are your lucky days. Your winning numbers this year are 86, 35, 18, 10 and 1. Your lucky colors are brown, orange and yellow.

Cancer (21st June -22nd July)

People whose birthdays fall under this sign love to take life slow and enjoy staying indoors. The best option for cancer people is online casino gambling. All you do to entertain yourself is to pick a casino and concentrate on it without giving up. Play at home and avoid the noisy and crowded places. Cancers lucky numbers are 66, 58, 24, 21 and 1. You will be more fortunate on Sunday, Saturday, and Tuesday, and the lucky colors are orange and white.

Leo (23rd July -22nd August)

With all the instability and passion that this sign has, they need something exciting and similar to their emotional balance. Bingo is the best game choice for you this year. Your lucky numbers are white, orange and red. You will get lucky on Sundays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays. Numbers that are most likely to give you a win are 83, 59, 39, 24 and 6.

Virgo (23rd August -22nd September)

Virgo sign is known to be thoughtful and calm. It is advisable that you consider games which will need you to use practicality and calculations skills. Your lucky game is Blackjack. The numbers to give you a win this year are 90, 80, 79, 29 and 16. Consider gambling on Saturdays, Fridays, and Thursdays. Virgo’s lucky colors are black and red this year.

Libra (23rd September -22nd October)

Persons under this sign are known due to their artistic side and intellect. A noisy and big casino is not the place for you. Consider playing arcade machines as it’s your lucky game. The visual nature of this people is appealed by bright colors, and they will get more wins when they bet with higher stakes. Sundays and Saturdays are their lucky days while blue, yellow and green are their fortunate colors. Numbers likely to help them a win in 2018 are 86, 77, 55, 20 and 7.

Scorpio (23rd October -21st November)

Guys under this sign know what they want and are very confident. This year poker is the game for you. The best days to play are Sunday, Friday, and Monday. Orange, purple and yellow colors will make you fortunate. Numbers likely to give you a win this year are 89, 53, 45, 29 and 27.

Sagittarius (22nd November -21st December)

These people are adventurous, and their lucky game is Roulette this year. They will enjoy the rush of waiting for the balls to stop and unacceptable outcomes. The lucky numbers for them are 81, 60, 23, 16 and 6. They should consider playing on Tuesday, Monday and Friday and brown, blue and white colors might make them more fortunate.

Capricorn (22nd December -19th January)

The most favorable game for you this year is Baccarat. This is due to your stubborn and persistent nature. It also attracts the wealthy caliber of people which takes you to the high class you desire. Sunday and Monday are the days to play, and white, bright pink and yellow make you luckier.  Numbers to give you a win this year are 84, 83, 66, 21 and 3.

Aquarius (20th January-18th February)

Persons under this signs are clever and creative leading you to card games and slots as the best choices. Your productive and analytical skills will also help you to play slot machines. Saturday and Tuesday are your fortunate days while black, navy blue and brown are your colors. Your winning numbers this year are 76, 61, 46, 40 and 17.

Pisces (19th February – 20th March)

You have a bright imagination that can entertain you even as you choose conservative gaming. The games to play this year for this sign are slots and fruit machines. You will be lucky on Monday and get more fortunate with bright orange and yellow colors. Numbers that are likely to win for you this year are 69, 56, 27, 10 and 8.

Now that you are aware of your favorable numbers winning should be much easier when playing in casinos online. Try your luck with the mentioned table games and slot machines under your zodiac sign, and you might be the fortunate jackpot winner. Select the game that suits you and bet on it confidently.


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