One of the most important things to consider when you are trying to increase your instagram followers is that it has to look appealing. You want to achieve a consistent look that encourages people to find out more about you and your business. Although this sounds like something that may be incredibly difficult to get right, it may actually be easier than you think and is an essential part of getting more comments on Instagram.

There are several things that you can put in place right away that will instantly improve the way that your instagram feed looks.

Space Out Your Photos

If you can you need to think of at least two or three different themes that reflect you and your business. When you are posting photos you need to make sure that you have some degree of balance. If you post too many pictures of the same sort of thing one after each other then there is a chance that people might start to get bored which is something that you will want to avoid.

Colour Coordinate Your Photos

Colour coordination is also something that you should be thinking about when you are deciding how to layout your photos. If you have one or two colours that commonly appear in your photos then this can be used to your advantage. They can be arranged so that the create a pattern and this is something that is going to attract people’s attention.

Are Your Photos Good Quality?

One of the most important steps in trying to get more comments is to make sure that you are uploading good quality photos. If people feel that you have not made the effort to take good photos, they will not want to make the effort to comment. There are several features that you can use within Instagram that can help you enhance the photos that you have shared.

Make Sure Your Borders Are Consistent

There are a number of different borders that you can choose for your photos on Instagram but it is usually best to choose the same one for all of your photos. If you crop any of your photos then this should be done consistently as well. This helps you to create a flow between your photos and stops things looking too messy. With all these, you can make more better decision by buying some Instagram followers too. At struggling phase of getting followers, was never easy but with some little followers, you can have a good kickstart.

Look Like You Are Having Fun

If you are finding posting photos on Instagram too much of a chore, then this may be more obvious to your followers than you think. Try not to overthink things too much when you are taking your photos and just have fun with it. Do not put yourself under pressure and remember the whole point of Instagram is to share what you love.

Instagram can be a very useful tool for building your business but there is a lot to learn if you want to make the most of the platform. However, there are a lot of guides out there that can help you and the advice given above is a good place to start. It is something that is worth pursuing as it is one of the most effective methods that you can use to connect with your customers.


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