Sea monster top trumps


Do you ever wonder what lays beneath the surface of the ocean? Well, it’s safe to say it’s not as friendly as finding Nemo makes it out to be. The ocean is full of deadly creatures that will eat you! For thousands of years, there have been tales of many mythic creatures living in the ocean.  Total Fishing Tackle fishing gear has created this top trump style infographic just to show you how scary the ocean can be!


The Leviathan is the scariest of the lot! This mythic creature is said to be absolutely enormous with seven heads. It is described as being so big it can eat a whale whole. He is also said to be one of the seven prices of hell. You definitely wouldn’t want to meet this guy, and if you do make sure you swim as quickly as you can!


If you’re afraid of spiders then the Japanese spider crab is the stuff of nightmares! This spider crab is deceptive, often disguising itself with other sea creatures and its ability to blend in with the ocean floor makes it the ultimate predator. If you’re afraid of spiders this is definitely a crab you don’t want to have an encounter with.


Myth or not the loch ness monster is one scary sea creature. Supposedly 12 meters in length, this sea monster is said to live in in the depths of Scotland’s Loch Ness preying on other sea creatures and humans. Yikes!


The least scary of the lot is the whale shark. Now although this sea creature may sound scary, they are in fact harmless. The whale shark, in fact, chooses to live a life eating plankton rather than hunting larger meals. This makes them the least scary on the list followed by the domesticated harmless carp fish, which is in fact one of the only domesticated sea creatures!