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Council has issued a statement on revisiting plans for new housing and a sports complex in Ferguslie

Renfrewshire Council leaders today pledged to ensure that the needs of local residents were fully considered in plans for new housing and a sports complex in Ferguslie, Paisley.

Renfrewshire Council Leader, Cllr Iain Nicolson

A Council motion put forward by Council Leader Iain Nicolson set out plans to review the options for the sports complex and for the nearby proposed new housing development.

Council Leader Iain Nicolson said:”We want to make sure that the plans we develop are meeting the needs of the communities affected and we want to get the best deal for any investment we make.

“We want to be sure that the views of those who live in Ferguslie have been taken into account in the development of new housing and we also want to ensure that any investment in the proposed sports facility meets the needs not only of the local community but for communities elsewhere in Renfrewshire. This is why we have asked for further work to look at all the options for this and also look at options for St James Park playing fields. These playing fields are a vibrant part of local community life right across Renfrewshire and we want to make sure we’ve fully considered what investment may be required to get the most out of this existing site.”