A delightful cup of coffee will undeniably help you to boost your work ethic. According to some, coffee is a talent. It has boundless health benefits too. Coffee lessens the risk of type 2 diabetes, is a decent source of antioxidants, great for the liver. And among other health benefits, coffee has been known to improve ones intellect. There is nothing nicer than catching up with somebody that you care about over a strikingly prepared brew or cuppa. Below is a list of the 5 best coffee shops in Scotland.


Melt gallery & café.

Different to some, not only do they have an extensive range of unusual jewellery and art. This is a nice, quirky location to stop for a browse and a brew. The Melt Gallery specialises in Lavazza coffee but, if you don’t feel like going outside to grab yours, you can order Lavazza coffee beans from A1 Coffee. Melt, it is the newest addition to the Pitlochry coffee scene. Many people have claimed this to be their new favourite in its area.


The Steamie.

Here they use Artisan Roast coffee beans. And they also sell a range of wonderful food and cakes amongst other beverages. Located slightly west from Glasgow, this is a very chilled out, casual café. It is so cosy in there that you could show up in your pyjamas, and the workers are that relaxed that they probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid!


Castello Coffee.

Situated near Princes Street and Castle Street, Castello is one of Edinburgh’s favourites. Known for its pleasant, subtle service and remarkable surrounding location, Castello is definitely one to visit.  They also offer a refined range of food, with plenty for vegetarians also. You have the option to either sit outside with umbrellas or the inside seating area. If the weather is decent, why not walk over to Princes Street Gardens below the Edinburgh castle for a picnic and a cuppa?


Bearded Baker.

Honestly, it is in the name. This café offers some exquisitely made bagels and doughnuts among delicious cakes, meals and tasty Williams & Johnson coffee. The décor and style is effortlessly sophisticated and simple. Rowan and his staff ensure systematic batches of baked goods so that famished customers stay pleased and not disheartened. They are open seven days a week, usually early until five in the evening on weekdays. And on weekends, they are open 9am-4pm.


Round square Coffee House.

This has been set up on Morningside Road, right near the Dominion Cinema. The décor is trendy but also warm. There are white walls and one covered in matt black tiles, with chrome coffee equipment, wooden benches and tables the look really comes together nicely. You can expect to taste their house blend for espresso-based beverages.  And, of course, you can buy some Roundhouse beans to take home with you!