Nowadays, because of the advances in technology and the easily accessible resources, a student’s life is a lot easier than before. The new technology led to the development of new services because it removed the physical boundaries. People can access a service from anywhere in the world. Even so, the development of the educational system didn’t keep up with technology’s pace and students still need to do the well-known assignments.

Another thing to consider is the fact that a great majority of the students nowadays have a part-time job. These three things led to the development of new services. Students ask for professional help when writing an essay or assignment in order to get good marks and be able to deliver them on time. The professional writers also help them with analysis, adaptation of the paragraphs and lastly, they check for writing flaws.

Because of the high demand, this kind of services appear on a daily basis and the offer is quite large. On one hand, it’s a good thing because their prices are getting lower and lower. On the other hand, lower prices mean lower quality. So, what do you do? Here are a few tips you should consider when searching for this type of services.

1.Quick Response It’s a Must

No, this doesn’t mean that their customer service is spot on. It means that they should be able to deliver your product quickly. People choosing this type of services don’t have a lot left until the deadline and they should be able to keep that tight deadline.

At this type of services, time is an important condition when appraising it and many providers will try to rip you off. Many would be tempted to pay that humongous amount of money in order to respect the deadline. You won’t because you know there are lots of service providers out there and you can ask for their help. You can easily find other essay writing services, one of them is BestEssays. They have good prices and the quality of their work is very high.

2.Writers are essential

When choosing your writing service company you should take a look at their team and its writers. The team should consist of writers with different specializations. These writers should be able to write a high-quality essay in a short amount of time. Even though you might pay some extra cash, the end result will not disappoint you.

Apart from that, they should have comprehensive knowledge of the educational system and the requirements needed for every level, high school, college, masters degree, Ph.D. This knowledge helps them create and adapt the essay according to the needs of the client.

3.Originality it’s a must, not the plagiarism

In order to make easy money, some writing services tend to sell the same essay over and over again. The chances are that a colleague of yours might’ve asked for the services of the same company and your professor will have two identical papers. This might lead to you having a low grade or, even worse, getting expelled.

When you are searching for writing services, always check if they’d be able to write you an authentic essay, without copying parts of it from other ones. You pay quite some money for it, its quality should be directly proportional.

4.Low Response Time

This refers to the response time of both the customer’s service and the writer’s. The possibility of checking your paper’s progress should be a must. Being able to check your paper’s progress is vital because you don’t want to end up empty handed 2 hours before the deadline.   Apart from that, they should be very communicative because some requirements might change along the way and you should be able to let the writers know about them.

A good way of checking the response time of the customer service is by asking for extra information during the ordering procedure. Ask them a few questions about their services. If they answer swiftly, they have a good customer support and they are reliable.

5.Quick ordering procedure

The main reason why you use this type of services is because your essay deadline is very close and you have no time to do it yourself. You shouldn’t take into consideration a service provider with a time-consuming ordering process.

The professional writing services don’t ask for useless amounts of information. Some basic guidelines, the subject, quantity of the essay, distinct demands and your contact info. Those are the most important things they should consider. If they ask for a lot more information, you should try and find another service provider.

6.Check their past works

A good thing that came along with the internet is the customers’ ability to talk to each other quickly and offer advice regarding different services and products. You should take advantage of this and check the reviews of the company you chose. This reviews will help you have a good idea of what the company offers and the quality of its services. Once you know all that, you can choose which company suits you best.


A student’s life is not very easy, and from time to time, they need extra help. The new services that emerged in the past years, due to the development of technology, can make their life a lot easier. If you want to have good academic results, these tips will help you find the best writers.