Are you getting a less score on your essay despite the hard work that you have put in? If yes, then you need to know that there is somewhere an error that you are making unknowingly. No body intentionally leaves an error in the work that he does with so much of interest and effort.

All in all, these are the errors that might have occurred in your essay because of which you are unable to score good marks. Next time you write an essay, make sure that you do not make any of these errors. Do proof read your essay, this will help you a lot to avoid all the mistakes. You can also read the essays online to see this in practical.

Such is a case with you also who is sitting there, reading the article and wondering where you lack that every time you score less. Your confusion is now going to end with the list of common errors that you tend to make being listed here. These errors are as follows:

  1. 1. Negligence of the criteria of format: It many times so happen that you do the best on your part but then when it comes to scoring you get less. One reason is the format that somehow has slipped of your mind. Every time you tend to be lenient with the format, you lose a good proportion of score.
  2. 2. Repetition: This is another place where you lose marks. Sometimes you tend to repeat the words time and again and sometimes it so happen that you give the same ideas and fact repeatedly claiming it to be a fresh one by rephrasing it each time. This results in use of poor vocabulary and the linguistic range.
  3. 3. Irrelevancy: Sometimes it so happen that you cite plethora of ideas in your essay but again less scores. All your vocabulary and linguistic range tends to fail when it comes to scoring well. This might be because the content that you are delivering in the essay sometimes tend to be irrelevant or less relevant. In such a case despite the good ideas you tend to lose scores on the ground of irrelevancy.
  4. 4. Grammatical errors: It is not true that you get marked for the essay if you give good ideas. The truth is that each and every aspect of your essay is checked. Here the grammar plays the most vital role. Every time you tend to make a grammatical mistake you lose a good proportion of your scores. Sentence formation and use of punctuations play an equally important role here.
  5. Spellings: Sometimes you tend to ignore the little things that actually count a lot. Spelling of different words is one such thing. When you are brainstorming you tend to have an inclination towards writing each and everything that comes in your mind. In this attempt you tend to rush through the task. While rushing through it, ignorantly you make many spelling mistakes that actually can be avoided. Here you lose a great proportion of your marks again.