Whether you are good at brainstorming ideas or not is not the only thing that matters when it comes to preparing an essay. There are several other things that are important attributes of essay writing. You cannot solely depend on one thing and reap the benefits if you are good at it or suffer a pitfall in the opposite case. Here is a list of various aspects of essay writing over which you can gain a command and excel in the art of effective essay writing.

All in all, these are the basic aspects which unite to form an essay. Gaining a strong foothold over in few of these can act as a huge contribution in ameliorating the quality of your essay. So, try to acquire command over as many of these aspects as possible for you. For already prepared essays by professionals, you can visit http://writingdone.com.

I am not asking you to excel in each and every aspect that is mentioned below but if you acquire a tight hold over even half the things then you can still improve your essay writing skills to a great extent. These skills are as follow:

  1. The capability to stick to the format of essay writing: Many of you might have observed a flaw in yourself that you fail to confine yourself. Not only does this flaw affect your life decisions but also your ability to prepare an essay. Learn to confine your ideas in to a limited array of words as per the demand of the question. Next you need to place your ideas not as the passage but in the form of the paragraphs.
  2. The capacity to be quick at making the draft: Here you brainstorm ideas or there you collect information from the other sources, the next thing that you should be capable is of quickly making the rough draft which indicates towards the information covered and that left out or that left out.  This gives you an outline and the framework of the essay that you wish to write.
  3. The know how to place the ideas in a well- planned manner: Now once you have all the ideas and facts handy, one task that you need to ensure is compiling your ideas. You need to satisfactorily compile your ideas in a proper sequential manner. This has a positive impact on the readability if the content.
  4. Efficient distribution of time: Ideally there is a limited time that you get to prepare an essay. If you wish to complete the essay on time then you need to divide your time into slots. You need to fix a time limit for planning the essay, writing the essay and then proof reading the same.
  5. Proper use of phrases and vocabulary: You are thought several phrases since childhood that are perfectly applicable to the essay that you have to write. You as a writer need to ensure that you make use of these phrases appropriately. Only then will these add charm to the essay.