Instructions make doing things a little easy. When you have a guide according to which you have to perform an action in order to reach the ultimate goal then performing the task becomes even the more easy. All that you have to do is read the instructions and follow them accordingly. Such is a case for writing an essay as well. You have to follow certain guidelines and the steps which will lead to the formation of the essay. This article will provide you these guidelines in the form of easy to remember steps which you can follow and prepare an effective essay. These steps are as follows, which will make you a good essay writer:

Step 1. Choose a topic: unless and until you do not give something a name you cannot expect it to flourish. Such is a case with the essay writing also. If you do not choose the topic carefully, you tend to fail in the very beginning. Therefore make a careful selection of the topic which will act as a driving force for you to write an effective essay.

Step 2. Gather information: once you have selected the essay, you have the duty to collect the relevant subject matter for the same. Brainstorm the ideas and at the same time collect information from the academic books, magazines or visit the library.

Step 3. Prepare an outline: Built an outline for the essay. Decide the number of paragraphs that you should form and then divide the information to be covered in the each paragraph accordingly. This will help you to develop coherence in your essay. The sequential arrangement of the ideas will also gain a platform here.

Step 4. Prepare a rough draft: Now when you have the outline and the relevant ideas and also because you are aware of the sequence these are to be placed in, the only task that you are left with is to give the shape to your essay. Instead of writing it down on the final sheet, prepare a rough draft.

Step 5: Proof read your essay: The rough draft that you have prepared need to be given a final reading again. Read the essay and check if there is mistake or any sort of error. If no then go in for making the final draft and if yes then eradicate all the flaws in your essay one by one.

Step 6: Transfer time: Now you essay is ready to be transferred to the final paper. This paper needs to be submitted to the one who is supposed to read your essay and evaluate the same. One thing more that you need to keep in mind here is that you need to submit the essay on time. Timely submission has an important role to play.

All in all, these are the 6 steps that can lead you on the path of writing a good essay. Each time you sit to write an essay, follow the same steps and prepare something tremendously awesome every time.