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Best spy apps for android 2017

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In today’s world everyone wants to have an update about others, update about what they’re doing, where are they, etc. It may be their husband, kids, boyfriend, co worker or anyone. As you know, knowledge is power and so we come up with some of the most reliable spy apps for android.

We are not making a judgment about you and we also do not support unethical uses of spy apps and developed tracking technology. So here are a few ways in which you can use you’re androids such as for sending secret messages, calls or for even secretly recording calls. By using these you can also take pictures or even for tracking down someone’s location. So here’s the list of best spy apps for android.

  1. M SPY

M-spy is one of the best spyware for android phones. The speciality about this app is that it helps you to secretly listen a conversation from the place where you kept as it is one of the simplistic audio app.  If you want to spy at some place then all you need to do is follow the steps given below:

Step one: install the app or you can easily get it from http://www.mspy.com/android

Step two: set up a pin and put you’re phone on silent

Step three: keep the phone where you want to spy and its all done.

Now the significance about this application is that, even when you forget where you kept you’re phone, you just have to send an sms and the phone will automatically call you back.

Have you thought about the size of a screenshot for the app store?

All you need to is visit their website, check all the payment details and you can also get a free demo. There are so many features available with this app such as:

  • Phone tracking
  • Current GPS location tracking
  • Instant Messages monitoring
  • View any text message sent from or received by the target device
  • Monitor Internet Use


  1. IKEY MONITOR for iphone users and android users

ikey monitor is an app for iphone users as well as android users, which helps in protecting not only you’re kids but also you’re transaction business from various risks of Internet. It is a reliable app which not only provides security but also efficiency to safeguard against all the Internet dangers. It helps you to effectively spy on the kids. This is one of the best spyware for android phones. You can prevent any kind of illegal activities by monitor browsing and even online activities.

This app also has many features such as

  • recording SMS,
  • recording call history,
  • GPS,
  • chats,
  • websites,
  • passwords and even screen shots

This information is provided to you via mail.

  1. MobiStealth

This is a professional parenting and controlling application and is also known as MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software. By this app you can easily monitor you’re kid’s activities, which is really useful for protecting them against dangers of internet such as porn, criminals, cuber bullying, etc.

By using this you can benefit yourself by:

  • listening to call,
  • browsing history,
  • viewing up all the pictures,
  • location tracking even when GPS is turned off and
  • information about incoming as well as outgoing messages
  1. Track it- call, sms, data monitor application

This is one of the best spy phone app free download with many features such as monitoring

  • SMS,
  • Photo,
  • Location,
  • Call logs, etc.

This app can help you track the exact location of the targeted device even though GPS has been turned off on it. It also provides with an email notification for each and every incoming message or even call. This app is available for a free trial of three days and thus, you can use it for free before purchasing. You easily track all the calls, sms, data monitoring, screenshot tracking, etc.