So you are a sports fan, who follows the major events of a preferred sports league and knows all the key players of the favorite teams – that’s quite a start. Do you catch yourself thinking of receiving profit out of your hobby? You are not alone in your speculations. The fact is, millions of people think the way you do when they feel like doing more than just watching. As a result, many find betting extremely attractive in terms of financial gaining and fun achievement.

Pick one of the known betting sites (sportsbooks)


The primary aspect of winning some funds is choosing the right betting site. Such online resources are usually called the sportsbooks in bettors’ circles. Different sportsbooks may offer different lines for one and the same event. In an ideal scenario, a bettor should have a couple of accounts, all on various sites.

Thus, when you compare the sites’ offers, you’ll know exactly which one’s got the best online betting odds and where you can win more. The probability is, surely, another factor. Yet, doing all your best to raise winnings is what’s supposed to be done by every successful punter. In order for you to know which sites are worth attention, we’ll add the three most popular sportsbooks names: Bovada, Bet365 and 5Dimes. Each one provides fast calculations and quick withdrawal of your money. Picking the most suitable one is, of course, a matter of preference.

Place your wagers considering the odds


Evaluating the odds is the second aspect of a correct betting. However, if you still have little idea of the existing odds types you should first learn how to read them. There are two major types of odds: American (used mainly in the USA) and decimal (used in Europe). We’ll speak of the decimal style, as it is more often used by the UK residents. To calculate one’s payout one simply needs to multiply the amount they’d like to wager by the decimal odds, introduced in a line. It usually looks like this:

Germany (2.30) vs Brazil (1.75)

If you wish to wager $10 on Germany at 2.30 you just need to multiply $10 by 2.30 (the index in brackets). The total payout is $23 in this case, while the pure profit is $13. The decimal style of odds is very easy to follow and most of the sites allow it to be chosen as a preferred one. However, mind that some of those have American style set as the default.

Mind the season and the month

Like any other sort of activity, betting is subjected to more and less productive time periods. In what refers to sports betting, June and July are usually considered to be least profitable months. You are unlikely to get some good piece of advice or raise your funds sufficiently during this period. In the context of payouts, it’s better to wait a bit and switch to something else so you could get some savings.