Johnstone Cat Rescue (JCR) have made an appeal for funds to help pay daily bills like veterinary fees.

Volunteers have been working day-by-day to help and protect cats in Renfrewshire since the Renfrewshire branch of Cats Protection closed back in 2014.

Sam the Cat who is being looked after at Johnstone Cat Rescue

On a regular basis JCR receive cats who have injuries, infections and conditions related to old age that require life-long medication.

Margaret Finnigen from JCR wrote about one of the latest cats to need their help “Sam is Johnstone Cat Rescue’s latest challenge. So badly neglected that he has rock hard tufts and knots on his back that are causing him great discomfort.

“Sam cannot bear to have his back touched, it’s far too painful for him. As a result, he is missing out on cuddles that other cats take for granted. We have booked Sam into the vet for a dematt procedure but he will have to be put under sedation.”

Looking after Renfrewshire’s cats is basically a full-time job: “Sam is only one of many cats that need our help, and we need your help to allow us to continue our work. We have cats who come in with injuries, infections, and other conditions related to old age that require life-long medication.

“We also strive to keep down the population of unwanted kittens by neutering as many cats as we can. Since the demise of the Renfrewshire branch of Cats Protection in 2014, volunteers at Johnstone Cat Rescue have been working solidly day by day to help cats all over Renfrewshire. Aside from food and litter, vet fees are our biggest outlay, and our biggest fear is that we will run out of funds.

“We work more or less full-time. We don’t get paid, nor do we ask to. In fact, we often dig into our purses when the need arises. What we area asking is for the support of the Renfrewshire public to help us continue

“Please remember, it could be you that needs our help someday.”

If you would like to make a donation you can follow the link below to their Just Giving page.