Adele at CalmPoint Acupuncture is currently offering a 22% reduction in the cost of an acupuncture treatment – from £45 to £35.  CalmPoint Acupuncture specialises in the treatment of stress, anxiety and low mood. Existing clients have benefitted from their very first treatment, often resulting in them returning to work and normal day to day activities, reducing their medications and generally feeling stronger and able to cope with life’s ups and downs. Acupuncture can also help with stopping smoking, weight loss and much more. Adele offers a free 30 minute initial consultation. You can contact Adele at CalmPoint on 07757 020592 or you can find more information on the CalmPoint website. (

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Adele has also updated her blog recently with a post entitled ‘Get Crafty with your Work-Life Balance’ (  – pop over and have a read, you might just discover a new passion!

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