Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall will recognise the success of a local ice hockey team with a civic reception on Friday night.


Paisley Pirates crowned their 70th anniversary celebrations with victory in the Scottish Cup final recently- a commanding 9-0 win over Edinburgh Capitals ensuring the Pirates took home the trophy.

The team will be rewarded with a special reception at the Glynhill Hotel in Renfrew where the Provost will say a few words of congratulations to celebrate both their victory and their 70 years in existence.

This is only the third time the Pirates have won the prestigious trophy since the club was re-formed in 1992.

The club were founded in 1946 but faced years in the wilderness before they were re-launched with the opening of a new ice rink.

Having faced difficulties while playing in the British National League, the Pirates rejoined the Scottish National League in 2002 where they continue to play today. 

The team were recently featured on the pint glass issued to all visitors at the ever popular Paisley Beer Festival to celebrate 70 years since their foundation.

Provost Hall said: “I’m delighted that the Paisley Pirates have become Scottish champions.

“It is terrific achievement to win a national trophy and it is only right that they are rewarded for this feat.

“Renfrewshire should be proud to have had them as a representative for the past 70 years and I wish them all the success in the defence of the trophy next season.”

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