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Five reasons why a successful website will always be a work in progress

To achieve high search engine rankings, a website has to undergo almost constant updating and maintenance from the day it goes live on the internet. Rather than resting on your laurels once your website is up and running, Kaburu recommends the immediate establishment of a proactive management system to ensure the site is attracting visitors. The reason is simple: an inactive website begins to be backtracked by search engines as soon as it is dormant, even for a day.



1. SEO

Search engine optimisation is the marketing tool of the internet. Webmasters of successful websites ensure keywords and phrases are embedded in text and graphics to allow search engines to track and record their presence. This maintains a ranking on the search engine’s results page: the higher ranked sites are the ones kept up to date and active when customers search online for information about products and services.

Our need to be constantly tweaked to ensure high rankings are maintained in search engines. Adding relevant content on an almost daily basis is needed, but this does not have to be always in the form of news sections, blog writing or graphics as creating hyperlinks or adding plugins count as updating activities with search engines.  Having a website with good SEO will be one of the solutions for field service companies to excel in the digital realm

2. Updating blogs

Blog writing is an excellent way of adding quality content to a website. Incorporating keywords and phrases enhance search engine rankings and increase site visits. A blog can be more than a journal as the subjects can be wide ranging, giving information and advice to customers, as well as answering questions raised and showing your business cares about its products and services. Every blog added to the website content registers activity on search engines and should be seen as a convenient way of boosting your ranking.

3. Updating your portfolio

Keeping an up to date portfolio is important for all businesses. Showcasing your achievements online attracts interest from prospective clients and shows your dedication to the business and the products you sell. A portfolio can demonstrate how your business is evolving over time: highlighting your successes and even admitting to any failures shows the human side as well.

4. Updating and creating new pages and FAQ

Adding new content to your website will always trigger a higher ranking on search engines. The stale material begins its downward slide very quickly, so adding little and often is key to success with Google.

FAQ pages are as important as your home page and serve to give visitors an opportunity to find answers to questions about your products and services quickly. By incorporating keywords within the FAQ pages your website will achieve higher rankings on SERPS, the search engine results pages, increasing site visits and interest.

5. Search engines

Last but not least, search engines drive business towards an actively maintained and updated website by measuring visitor hits in comparison with rival websites: the length of each visit, search terms used, and the number of links into your website. This information is crucial, as Google runs algorithm programs on a daily basis to analyse hits which ultimately determine your rankings on SERPS.

Web sites must, therefore, be regularly updated and maintained to achieve the highest rankings possible. Clients may take over responsibility for their website maintenance or, for a flat fee of £99, Kaburu will develop a management schedule on your behalf. Blog writing packages are also available at extra cost. So if you need web design services in Paisley, contact us now.kaburu qr code