Living and travelling in a campervan can be an amazing experience. The freedom of the open road, the ability to explore new places, and a cosy home on wheels are all part of the campervan life allure. However, living in a small space and being on the move does require some adjustments. Utilising these tips will help you make the most of campervan living.

Choose the Right Campervan

Selecting the right campervan is key for enjoyable travels. Consider the size based on how many people will use it and your camping style. Families will need more space than solo travellers. Stealth campers that park overnight in cities are better suited to smaller vans that blend in. Also, factor in fuel mileage, ease of driving, and any off-roading plans. Test drive different makes and models to find the best fit. Custom campervan conversions allow you to personalise the layout and amenities to suit your preferences.

Pack Light

One challenge of campervan living is limiting possessions to keep clutter at bay. Be selective when packing and only bring essentials. Clothing like jeans and jumpers take up space, so focus on lighter garments that layer well. Multipurpose items such as towels that also work as picnic blankets save room. Portable tech like laptops, tablets, and e-readers are convenient space savers for entertainment. Only keep minimal cooking supplies, utilising magnetic racks to hold spices on the ceiling above the stove. Make the most of all storage nooks and under-bed areas.

Get Organised

Staying organised keeps the small campervan space workable and clutter-free. Use bins, baskets and storage boxes to contain items. Bungee cords on cupboard shelves keep contents in place while driving. Affix hooks for coats and gear. Have a place for everything and return items after using. Keep food supplies organised with a designated cabinet. Pack picnic supplies in plastic tubs. Maintaining organisation is essential for a stress-free trip.

Conserve Resources

You’ll rely on limited power and water sources while campervanning so it’s important to conserve these resources. Take quick showers at campgrounds. For dry camping, use solar-powered generators and external shower bags that heat water in the sun. Use biodegradable soaps. For cooking, rely more on propane tanks than generator power. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Charge devices only when necessary. Use LED bulbs. Monitor water levels and dump greywater tanks regularly.

Adjust to the Small Space

Adapting to small campervan living quarters is essential. The basics like cooking, sleeping and bathing require some adjustments from standard homes. Convert seating to beds at night. Outdoor tents can provide extra sleeping space as needed. Recline outside in camp chairs for lounging rather than just indoors. Take meals outside at a picnic table when possible. Enjoy nature as part of your living space. Focusing on the adventure helps the confined space seem secondary.

Embrace Spontaneity

Some of the best campervanning experiences come from spontaneous stops and adventures. Make the most of unexpected scenarios by staying open-minded. Chat with friendly strangers about recommended stops in the area. Diverge down an appealing side road to find hidden gems. Have a flexible itinerary and take unplanned excursions that appeal in the moment. Wander down an intriguing forest trail or relax longer at a scenic spot. Avoid overplanning and leave room for spontaneity. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

The sense of freedom and connection to nature makes campervan living a rewarding lifestyle. Following these tips will help launch you on incredible adventures on the open road.