Our decision is to live better, change our lives, and enjoy every moment to the fullest. If you need help figuring out where to start, this article can suggest some practical ideas.

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 “Enjoy life; you will have plenty of time to be dead.”

Improving our lives and living better always stems from our own decisions. But often, we need to figure out what decision we have to make. I am afraid that there is no simple answer to this question, but I am pretty confident that there are at least some ways to live better.

Establish a new habit

During our days, we perform dozens of activities ‘automatically’: these are our habits. Habits are powerful tools: creating good habits and replacing bad ones can help you radically transform your life and live better.

Wake up early

If someone asked me what habit to start with to boost their life energy, I would undoubtedly answer: wake up early. This simple action, in fact, holds enormous potential. Becoming an early riser means starting our days with little success, freeing up time for our passions, and giving our days a different rhythm.

Take a risk

Do you know what’s more stupid than taking an unnecessary risk? Deluding oneself that there are certainties. Taking calculated risks allows us to break out of the fences we build around ourselves and makes us realise that, sometimes, the quest for security is our greatest danger. Take a risk: it is always better to regret the consequences than a missed opportunity.

Face a fear

I am a massive fan of fears. Fears show us precisely what we must face to regain happiness. But fears are a tool to be handled with caution: if we give them too much space, they take over our lives, immobilising us; on the contrary, if we face them, they are valuable allies in our path to fulfilment.

Learn a new language

I’ll give you at least three reasons: learning a new language allows you a) to train your mind, b) to establish new relationships (read: picking up foreign women in the summer ;-) c) to take advantage of new opportunities outside of your own ‘little garden’. To get started, you can try this unconventional method of learning Spanish.

Try something new

Taking refuge in our habits gives us a pleasant feeling of security… but just as a muscle that is always immobile atrophies, our mind slowly shuts down without new stimuli. Try something new today: take on a new challenge, eat something different, read an article on a subject you’ve never been interested in (I’m told this archive isn’t bad ;-)

Put your home in order.

The clutter in our rooms often reflects and influences our state of mind. Try this 21-day course to change your life by tidying up your spaces.

Learn to manage your time

There are a couple of things we cannot buy; we can only manage them as best we can: among them is time. Time management is an art. Learn this art to live better, to live every moment to the full.

Accept that you are not perfect

Making mistakes and failing to happen to everyone are often the first necessary steps to success. Stop focusing on the small imperfections that make you human; try to be better, not perfect.

Write a diary

I love to write. Writing has the power to give physicality to our thoughts. A written dream is more powerful than an imagined dream and, like water that becomes ice, can break what binds it. This is why keeping a daily diary of our thoughts can be such a powerful habit.


What was the last time you savoured? Savoured a meal, savoured a moment, savoured a landscape, savoured a reading, savoured a conversation? We try to fill every moment of our lives, do everything faster, and increase productivity, but what is the point? Why keep eating if we cannot even taste?

How about you? Have you savoured this article? 

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