Bingo was once one of the most popular activities across the land, and there was widespread interest in it in towns like Paisley during its golden age in the 1980s and 1990s. After threatening to fall into obscurity in the late 2000s due to the smoking ban, bingo bounced back online. Now it’s played by more people than ever.

There’s already one bingo hall in Paisley and, with the recent upturn in interest, there could be more added soon. However, there’s a chance that VR advancements may make it harder for real-world bingo halls to keep up with online sites.

Rise of Online Bingo Has Brought Game Back Into the Mainstream

There’s no doubt that bingo is well and truly back in the mainstream now, and the bingo at Paddy Power reflects this. There are countless games to choose from, all aimed at different types of players. For instance, there’s the Deal or No Deal bingo room for fans of the hit game show, and the Pearl Room aimed at people who enjoy glitz and glamour.

Along with the classic ball draw, bingo sites now have tons of slot games like Paradise Reels and Fruity Burst, designed to draw in the online casino crowd. There are even hybrid bingo and slot games, known as Slingo, which are attracting new players to the sector. It’s clear that there’s something for everyone, and this has helped more people get into bingo in the modern age.

Bingo Has Enjoyed a Resurgence Across the UK

As bingo has blown up online, many physical bingo halls have reopened to capitalise on the growing trend. The bingo hall in Paisley is enjoying serving a much wider demographic than before, with online bingo making the pastime more available to people from all backgrounds.

Bingo halls across the country reflect this modernisation, and many of them have been renovated for this generation of players. Along with fresh and vibrant décor, a lot of today’s bingo halls have additional games such as slots. This helps to bring in the online crowd, who now expect to see the two classic games lined up alongside one another.

VR Bingo May Affect Real-World Halls

Bingo halls are making a comeback, but the rapid growth of online bingo may have an effect on this in the future. By integrating new technology, bingo sites are always going to be one step ahead now. This is most likely to be the case with VR, which is expected to be huge in the next few years following the release of Apple’s Vision Pro.

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According to the latest projections from GlobeNewswire, VR could be worth $441.84 billion by 2030. At this point, it may be fully integrated into online bingo sites. The technology would enable sites to replicate the bingo hall experience, with players able to play the game alongside one another.

With one bingo hall already going strong in Paisley, there’s a chance that others could open up soon. The popularity of online bingo can’t be ignored, and land-based businesses can take advantage of this.