Brisbane is one of the most iconic cities in Australia. It welcomed around 7.3 million domestic overnight visitors and over 17.3 million domestic tourists for the day in the year ending December 2023.

The vibrant Queensland capital is rich with a range of beautiful spots and activities, making it perfect for adventurers of all kinds.

From scenic riverfronts to cozy bars, the city’s offerings are endless. So, on your next trip to Brisbane, don’t miss these most popular activities!

1. Cook your signature gin

The Brisbane Distillery and Gin School of West End offers you hands-on classes to brew your very own gin, run, and even vodka. This is the city’s first grain-to-glass distillery.

Under the guidance of experts, you will be taught how to make the best gin all by yourself. Besides teaching every step of the process, they’ll share a wide range of tricks to make this class a major hit.

You can choose from a range of over 130 botanicals to make your gin. They also provide complimentary snacks and drinks so you don’t go hungry!

2. Enjoy a date at the secret bars

Bars like Archers Bunker, Walrus Club, The Cloakroom, Legends Bar, and Junk Bar are hidden behind antique wardrobes. Their unique and extensive menus make them a perfect date spot!

If you’re visiting with your partner, don’t miss out on them. However, if you’re on a solo trip, Brisbane date services are here to save the day.

Don’t worry, these services are completely legal, and your privacy is always respected! Just make sure you communicate your date’s boundaries ahead of time to make the best impression on her.

Choose from a variety of attractive women for as long as you like. Tease her discreetly while enjoying your drinks, and make her crave you.

Steal an intimate moment or two and have her asking for more. Once you’re done drinking, book an exotic room and let your darkest fantasies come alive!

3. Go on a ghost tour

If you love some paranormal thrill, you can discover Brisbane’s dark and mysterious past. A guided tour takes you through the most haunted locations of the city.

Besides the graveyard, you’ll go through historic sites with gruesome pasts, abandoned buildings with chilling backstories, and hidden lanes where you shouldn’t go otherwise. While you can go on public tours, you can even book a private tour.

4. Become a perfume maker

One of the best activities in Brisbane is their range of perfume-making workshops. Connect with any of the biggest perfumeries that offer these classes and craft your signature perfume.

During these classes, a master perfumer will help you identify different scents and tones and how to add them to create a unique fragrance. It’s a wonderful opportunity to challenge your creativity and go home with a personalized scent.

5. Try abseiling off Story Bridge

If you want to get your blood pumping and adrenaline rushing, the Story Bridge will do it all! It is one of the three bridge climbs existing worldwide.

Climb up to the iconic bridge and enjoy the stunning views of the city. Once you reach the top, you can also abseil 30 meters down!

6. Check out Brisbane’s Big Ben

City Hall, the big clock on an 87.47-metre-high tower of Brisbane, doesn’t just remind everyone of every passing hour. It also offers visitors a peek into its interiors.

You have to book a tour slot with the Museum of Brisbane. The tour slots are created with a 15-minute gap. However, only a few people can go on each tour, so book your slot ahead of time.

They will guide you through an old-fashioned elevator to watch the clock from a whole new angle. Other than seeing the internal parts of the clock, you can also climb up the observation platform and enjoy a panoramic sight of the city.

7. Explore Brisbane’s Venice

Try the gondola trip in the Brisbane River and see Venice come alive through it. Listen to the soothing splashes of waves. Soak in the striking views of the land, water, and skies while you glide across the river.

A skilled gondolier will take you across the popular landmarks, including the Story Bridge. Check your options and make sure you select a ride with food for the best experience.


With these captivating activities, your next Brisbane trip will be more enjoyable than ever. So, pack up and start the adventure!