While mainly known for its historic charm, Paisley has come bursting into the digital age as well. It is experiencing digital transformations, like any other modern urban setting. Whether in the form of urban systems and smart technologies or just looking at how its denizens spend their time, Paisley has its own local flare to the digital revolution. This local history includes important companies and startups. Here’s a look at how residents of Paisley are taking to the web and how the web is affecting the urban fabric of the beautiful city.

Smart City Initiatives

Paisley has invested in smart city initiatives, with the hope of making it more efficient with the use of advanced digital technologies. A consortium comprising experts, including CENSIS, Boston Networks, and Stream Technologies, collaborated with local partners across various sites to implement low-power wide-area network technology, referred to as LoRa – an IoT network technology. This innovation facilitated the realization of the IoT in diverse urban and rural areas in a manner that was cost-effective.

The LoRa network allowed a multitude of everyday objects, even those small and battery-powered, to efficiently and reliably transmit and receive data. This network empowered companies, communities, and public services to create various new products and services. Whether deployed in urban or rural settings, this network had the potential to facilitate the development of building and indoor environmental monitors, pollution sensors, tags for tracking valuable assets or livestock, and social care devices designed to support everything from independent to assisted living.

Tech Companies Local to Paisley

Paisley has many tech companies that bring jobs and innovation to the region. If you expand it to include the Glasgow region, you can find even more examples of this phenomenon. Paisley.org has reported on some of these leading tech companies, which include the following:

Edge Testing Solutions

Edge Testing Solutions, headquartered in Glasgow and Bellshill, offers a valuable resource for software developers as their first testing destination, providing a complimentary platform for software evaluation. They have expertise in both the public and the private sector.

Their remarkable achievements, including prestigious awards and a remarkable 53% sales growth in the past three years, can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to integrity, adaptability, and professionalism. As a company dedicated to supporting one of the fastest-growing industries, Edge Testing Solutions merits close attention.

ECS Security

ECS Security is also from Glasgow and has experienced remarkable success. With an impressive 86% surge in sales over the past three years and three of the UK’s top five leading banks as its clients, they have a lot to brag about. With its extensive service portfolio and evident track record of success, ECS Security is poised to maintain its ascent in the realm of Scottish and global tech!

How locals are benefiting economically from tech

Not only does the Paisley and Glasgow area have plenty of tech companies, which bring in jobs, local residents are learning how to implement tech in their small businesses or in their domestic economies. Whether it is for organizing budgets or even making money, there are more and more tech opportunities every day for Paisley residents.

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There are many ways that tech is affecting the daily lives of Paisley residents. The innovative companies in the region, and the initiatives adopted by the government and the residents give all of this a local flavor in Paisley.