As a dancer, you need a pair of good dancing shoes that will keep you safe and comfortable. Many brands make these special shoes, but the vast number available in the market is quite a disadvantage as it complicates the choosing process. Besides indecision, you will likely find a pair of low-quality dancing shoes. Fortunately, features can help you determine a pair’s comfort, functionality, and quality. Here are the qualities of a good pair of dancing shoes.


Good dancing shoes have good material that makes them comfortable and sturdy enough to withstand frequent use.Pairs from reputable brands like RayRose dance shoes are made of soft leather, satin, or suede. Suede and satin are suitable as they make the shoes fit like a glove and conform to your feets’ shape. You can also dye suede to match the color of your outfit. Leather is also ideal because it is breathable, and you can find synthetic types for vegan dancers. These dancing shoes also have a foam lining for additional comfort.


You can tell good dancing shoes by its sole, which should be either suede or leather. Suede is suitable because it provides enough slides that control your movement on the dance floor enabling you to make turns that defy gravity without tripping. Some brands use leather for smooth turns and easy slides. Microfibre, an animal-friendly alternative, is also becoming common. Nubuck and lambskin are the other material ideal for the dancing shoes’ soles.


Your dancing shoes will be almost the same size as your street shoes, with the latter being ½ inch smaller to fit snuggly. Note that forcing a smaller size will be painful. It’d be best to get the one that is ½ inch smaller since most materials stretch to fit perfectly. Finding the right fit can be challenging, if you buy dancing shoes online. Therefore, it’d be best to buy from stores that have experienced sales representatives who can guide you on the right size.


The heels of dancing shoes determine stability. However, the type you choose will depend on your experience level. Low heel height is ideal for beginners, with moderate height being best for both beginners and intermediate dancers. Special ones like the stiletto heels, used in Latin dances, are ideal for experienced dancers because of their high height. Walking and dancing in shoes with such heels can be comfortable as you begin wearing them.

Open or closed toe

Reputable brands making pairs like RayRose dance shoesavail them with an open and closed toe. The type you choose will largely depend on the dancing style.For instance, open-toe shoes are ideal for rhythm and Latin dances such as Rhumba, swing, and salsa since the dancing styles require toe pointing and foot articulation. The closed ones are the best for standard dances such as Waltz and Foxtrot. It’d be best to ask your trainer to guideyou on the suitable type.

You need the best dancing shoes to benefit from the activity without straining. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with pairs from different brands, complicating the choosing process. Therefore, it’d be best to check the features you have read here to determine the best pair for your experience level and dancing style.