Hannah Elizabeth: Love Island Superstar

Hannah Elizabeth hit the big screens seven years ago by appearing in Love Island series 1 and has captured the attention of many people across the UK in no time. With her charming personality, outstanding looks, and stunning camera presence, she’s hard not to like.

But what is this gorgeous babe doing nowadays? It’s safe to say that she’s living her best life, which turned into a fairytale recently after she hooked up with her new boyfriend Frank Major! 

Find out all about these two lovebirds and more in the rest of the article!

Meet Hannah Elizabeth’s New Boyfriend: Frank Major

Frank Major is also a face you might recognize from your small screens, as he was a star of the hit TV show TOWIE. But that’s not where Hannah met the handsome fellow!

The two have been best friends for 10 years before there was a spark between them, and now they’re the hottest power couple you can imagine. Hannah says that she thinks she was destined to meet Frank and that she’s never been happier.

What Else Is Going on in Hannah Elizabeth’s Life?

Other than having a new charming boyfriend, Hannah Elizabeth has also become a proud mom. Her son is now two and a half years old and his name is Reggie. Hannah says that he’s exactly like her, and although a bit mischievous, he’s still her best friend.

Most importantly, Frank has a nephew who’s the same age as Reggie, meaning that he’s experienced with kids so Reggie loves him. The two are best buddies, and even Frank’s family loves them!

Now, you might think that it can’t get better than that, but in the case of Hannah Elizabeth, yes, yes it can!

After her appearance on Love Island, this glamour girl starred in Love Island: Aftersun, a spinoff show that featured exclusive interviews from stars on the original show. On top of that, she got hugely popular on Instagram, which meant that she got more work than ever before.

These days, not only is Hannah drowning in modelling gigs and Instagram jobs, she also hosts her own podcast and has her own NFTs.

Does Hannah Get Recognized in the Street 7 Years After Love Island?

Now, you might be wondering whether Hannah Elizabeth still gets recognized after her appearance on Love Island series 1, even after 7 years. Even to her surprise, yes, yes she does!

She says that she went to Italy for a vacation with her boyfriend and that a bunch of American tourists approached her looking for pictures. Hannah was surprised that not only does she have fans from the US, but that the show is widely popular out there!

After her trip to Italy, she went to Turkey for a nose job, which turned out to be more than what she expected. Hannah says that she’s amazed with the hospital, the service, and the cleanliness abroad, and she recommends anyone to try it out if they want to feel confident.

Personally, she wanted a nose job because her nose leaned to the side since she was born, so she had to get it broken and corrected.

Her next travelling idea is to go to Las Vegas, as she always wanted to put on a big dress and go to a casino.

Hannah Elizabeth’s Thoughts on New Love Island Episodes and ITV

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a fan of new Love Island episodes as well. But what does Hannah Elizabeth think of them? Is she a fan too? 

The babe herself absolutely adores the new Love Island series and is addicted to it. She rooted for Ekin-Su and Davide from the start, and says that she was obsessed with them like the rest of the nation.

She can’t wait for the spin of the series, which will follow Ekin-Su and Davide on their trip to Europe. 

Hannah Elizabeth’s Advice on Getting Into Love Island

Looking to get into Love Island? Why not take some advice from the star herself?

Hannah Elizabeth says that a lot of people, including friends and family, are asking her for tips on how to ace the casting. According to her, the best way to ace the interview for Love Island is to sell your best attributes and be yourself.

Faking it in the reality show business won’t get you far, and if you’ve got what it takes, the casting director will see it in no time!

What Is Hannah Elizabeth Preparing For Us in the Future?

Albeit busy balancing her mom and professional life, Hannah Elizabeth still has some quite exciting plans for the future! The babe plans to collaborate more with Katie Pierce, with whom she did an awesome photo shoot that you can check out on her Instagram and OnlyFans.

More importantly, you’ll be seeing Hannah Elizabeth on TV soon, but she didn’t want to say anything more as she wants to keep it a surprise.

If you’re itching to find out more about Hannah Elizabeth, be sure to check out her latest exclusive interview!