New York has just about everything you could ask for from a modern city. Even people who live in the Big Apple have probably only experienced a fraction of what the city has to offer. It is an exciting but overwhelming place and when visiting such a place you may struggle to narrow down exactly how you wish to spend your time. Certain things will need to be arranged in advance to avoid disappointment. For example, if you are hoping to turn up and get your hands on some basketball tickets in New York last minute then you will likely find them sold out. If New York’s sports teams are something that is drawing you to the city, then you really need to organise your trip around the game and purchase tickets well in advance.

Whether you are visiting New York for a specific event or just taking a trip to experience the vibrant city first-hand, here are our top picks for how you should spend your free time.

Central Park

We are starting with an obvious one here, Central Park is an iconic attraction that needs to be at the top of your New York bucket list. There is nothing quite like stepping off the busy, crowded sidewalk of 59th street and into 693 acres of man-made gardens, meadows, forests, and hillsides. You could spend days exploring all that Central Park has to offer from sculptures to bridges, arches, and playgrounds, even a zoo! It is like stepping into an entirely new world, you would never know you in one of the world’s largest cities.


Chinatown is one of the bustling neighbourhoods that makes Manhattan so vibrant and unforgettable. Not only can you find a vast array of restaurants old and new, but Chinatown is full of neon light shops, vendors selling fresh produce, and even the Museum of Chinese America which outlines the rich cultural history of Chinatown. This is a perfect example of how different cultural influences have come together to make New York the melting pot that it is.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For over a century, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been the cultural epicentre of New York. Thanks to its forward-thinking exhibits, extensive collection of permanent works, its iconic tiered steps, and the gothic-revival-style building that houses it all, it has become a must-see for anyone in New York seeking a bit of culture.

The Morgan Library & Museum

The Morgan is more than just a museum, it is a library, landmark, historical site, and music venue. Here the multimillionaire’s personal library has been expanded into a museum and cultural space where you can find artifacts, books, and paintings dating back as far as 4000 B.C. Most notably of all the items it has in its possession, it is home to one of the twenty-three copies of the original Declaration of Independence and Charles Dickens’ manuscript of A Christmas Carol. 

Bronx Zoo

With more than 700 different species spread across 265 acres of land, the Bronx Zoo is the perfect place to escape Manhattan for the day. It is a must-see for anyone travelling with kids.