An online presence will help your business brand reaching more customers in Scotland, the UK and all over the world. People will get to know your business; recognize your business logo design, and products.

Creation of brand awareness online requires money and time. After all, around 89 percent of marketers from all corners of the globe claim that creating brand awareness online is their top priority. Still, you should not panic. All you have to do is implement a few strategies that have been proven to work and the implementation of your brand awareness will be easy.

Below are some of the tried and tested strategies.


1.     Develop The Tone of Voice Of Your Business Logo And Brand Identity


In addition to choosing colors and designing your logo for your business, you have to develop a tone of voice for your brand and keep it consistent on all marketing channels to create brand awareness online. Choosing your way of communication and the words to use will help people recognize you instantly, including when the other parts of your branding are absent.

Come up with a good slogan and tagline for your brand so that you can stand out from the industry noise.


2.     Start a Referral Program


Around 49 percent of Scotland, UK and United States consumers claim that their families and friends are their main source of brand awareness. Besides, studies have proved that referral programs are among the most effective methods of marketing. So, if you already have many customers, you can use them to grow your brand awareness. Remember to improve your products and customer service to benefit more.


3.     Invest in Content and SEO Marketing


Let us assume that your business specializes in selling high-end furniture pieces online. So, you will set up your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) around keywords like “buy quality furniture,” “executive furniture “or“ buy home furniture pieces.” However, raising brand awareness extends beyond growing the awareness for products you specialize in.


People interested in furniture pieces will use other search phrases when searching for furniture pieces online. For example, they may use terms like “the best furniture suppliers around me,” “where to buy the best furniture,” and “leading furniture suppliers.” Start by doing thorough keyword research to identify the best keywords for your website, blog, or social media platforms. Using the right keywords will help your web pages appear on the first page of search engine results when someone searches for furniture pieces.


4.     Use Your Branding in All Marketing Channels


Invest in branded packaging if one of your tasks is to ship physical products because a little touch could make a huge difference in how people see your business.


Branded packaging works perfectly for online-based businesses. And for it to work, you will have to use your branding at every touch point along the journey of your target customers, the email signatures, and the Thank You pages.


5.     Partner with the Relevant Businesses


Whether you operate solely online or you run a local business, partnering with other relevant businesses will allow you to tap into more audiences and grow the awareness of your brand. Most businesses are somehow connected or they have overlap in their customers. You can identify the companies that are connected to yours and those that target your customers and partner with them.

Create special events together to bring more people to your local business. Besides, by doing that, you will add more value to your target customers.


6.     Stay Active on Social Media


While creating a social media account and posting consistently will not grow substantive brand awareness, it will benefit your business if you do it socially. Forget about the content on your pages and interact with the content from your partners and followers so that your brand name can appear on the timelines of your target audience many times. Ensure that your comments are loaded with helpful information.


7.     Use Branded Infographics


Another effective method of raising brand awareness online requires you to share free content as an expert on social media platforms. Create infographics on your target topics and include your branding in them. This will influence your audience to share the information and more people will see your name and brand.


8.     Make Your Employees Your Brand Ambassadors


We all prefer following real people on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn and not the companies that they work for. The main reason behind this is that social media users want to connect with brands on a personal level. Something that comes directly from a business page makes them feel like the company is trying to sell to them and they are unlikely to engage with it.


Making your employees your brand ambassadors will pay off in the long term but this strategy will only work if you are ready to train them to use social media platforms. Ask them to weave your branding into their social media profiles and share valuable information. That will help you create brand awareness online.

1.     Use Paid Ads


Paid ads have allowed businesses to target the right audiences whether it is on search engines or social media platforms. When it comes to building brand awareness online, paid ads will help you target individuals who are interested in products and services similar to yours or your market but who have never interacted with your business. Still, you will have to ensure that your messages are creative and clear so that they can reach the right audience.




Lastly, you have to measure the growth of your brand awareness at all levels. That will help you figure out the direction to take. A quick example, if your brand awareness currently stands at 6 percent and that of your main competitor is at 12 percent, and then you will have a benchmark and a goal to achieve.

Think wisely about your target audiences and the competitors to watch. Also, avoid changing your setup many times to avoid missing out on insightful data changes.