For many workers, commuting has become a habit of the past, and we’ve gotten out of the habit of travelling to work each morning.

While working from home has many benefits and was convenient during the pandemic, many organisations are now encouraging staff to return to the office for various reasons.

As much as 50% of companies now want staff back to in-office work, and many other businesses were never able to let staff work from home productively in the first place.

That means that many workers will now be getting back into the rhythm of commuting. This might be every day, or it might only be part of the week.

Whatever arrangement you have, your commute is an important part of your day, and it’s crucial that you make the most of it.

Here are some tactics you can try to ensure that you use your time wisely and get to work feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day brings.

Take Public Transport

As obvious as it might seem, if you take your car, then you will have to drive it, which means you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else. If you take public transport, such as the train or bus, then you can relax and focus on another fun task. While it might seem convenient to drive your own car, it’s also more expensive and less environmentally friendly than using public transport, so it’s worth considering using other modes of transportation if you can. Taking the bus or train is also a good way to meet new people, so it can be a fun way to spice up your social life.

Start A Carpool

Taking public transport isn’t everyone’s idea of a good commute, and some people might find that it takes a lot more time than driving or doesn’t fit into their busy schedules. Instead of driving alone, consider setting up an office carpool system to allow you to make new friends, connect with your coworkers and chat before you get to the office. Like public transport, a carpool system can save you money and reduce your impact on the environment while also offering you the convenience of travelling in a private vehicle. If you and your colleagues alternate the days you have to drive, then you’ll also have some time to focus on other things if you want to. So, if you can’t or don’t want to use public transport, then consider starting a carpool at your place of work.

Make A Tasty Breakfast To Go

Breakfast is often viewed as the most important meal of the day, but a surprising number of us skip it because we’re too busy or stressed out in the morning. If you pack a delicious pre-prepared breakfast in your bag before you start your commute, then you’ll have something to eat on the journey. This will allow you to eat before you start work and give you the time to digest your food before you begin. Also, a readymade breakfast doesn’t have to be processed- it’s remarkably easy to make a tasty morning meal that’s portable and nutritious, such as overnight oats or homemade granola bars. These foods are easy to eat on the go, so you can enjoy them while you travel to work.

Play Games On Your Phone

If you have a smartphone, then your commute will never be dull! There are hundreds of apps available that can make your travel time enjoyable, including a wide range of enticing games. Whether you like puzzles or trivia, role-playing or interactive games, there’s a game app out there for you. Most of these apps are online and require internet access, which means you need to make sure there is enough data on your phone to cover your gaming time. If you’re looking for a network provider that offers a unique range of plans, then check out Lebara. This innovative SIM-Only network offers flexible plans that can allow you to get access to as much data as you need, so you can have fun on your phone wherever you are.

Take The Opportunity To Catch Up On Your Reading

Modern life can be incredibly hectic, which is why many of us struggle to read as much as we would like. Reading can be a great way to relax and also learn new information, so it’s an important part of our lives. If you don’t often read but want to, then you could consider using your commute as the perfect opportunity to catch up on the books you’ve always wanted to read but never had time for before. If you read just one book a month on your commute, then you’d manage 12 books a year, which is an impressive feat and could help you to improve your cognitive function and learn many new facts and words. Carrying books to and from work can be cumbersome, particularly if you read a lot of hardbacks or long texts, so consider investing in an e-reader or downloading e-books onto your phone or tablet. You could also consider listening to audiobooks instead of reading physical copies, as this can be a soothing and relaxing way to start or end your working day.

Get Creative

Crafting can be a peaceful and enjoyable task, and it doesn’t always require a lot of space, time and equipment. Simple crafts such as sewing, embroidery, knitting and crochet can be undertaken almost anywhere, including on public transport. These crafts keep your hands occupied and can be a fun way to pass the time. You’ll also feel productive when you finally complete each project, so it’s worth trying if you’re interested. If you don’t have the skills already, then consider practising on simple projects at home first, then progressing and taking your crafts with you to work as you gain more confidence. Taking knitting or crochet onto public transport can also give you a conversation starter to help you engage with your fellow passengers, so you can make new friends and socialise on the journey to and from your workplace.

Try Meditation And Mindfulness

Working in a busy office filled with people can mean that you feel drained at the end of the day. To prepare yourself for this and to wind down after a hectic day, you should consider trying some mindfulness, meditation or deep breathing exercises. There are many easy ways you can be more mindful on your commute, so you can relax and be ready for anything. With mental well-being a key focus right now, it’s more important than ever before that you work hard to ensure that you check in on yourself and do everything in your power to feel more relaxed and less stressed. Using mindfulness techniques during your commute can be a great way to unwind. Mindfulness requires a relaxing and calm environment, so where possible, try to choose a route that is quiet and not too busy. If you struggle with this, then try getting off the bus or train early and walking some of the way home or to the office to help calm yourself after the packed and noisy journey.

Making a daily commute doesn’t have to be boring. You can make the most of your time by trying out some of these suggestions. You’ll then be able to ensure that you have a relaxing yet productive commuting experience.