There are bonuses for seemingly everything in the online casino world. However, while you can claim deposit bonuses here and free spins there, what types of deals can you use for playing high stakes blackjack with bonus funds? Join us as we explore the types of casino-related bargains you’re going to need to snap up to play blackjack with bonuses in 2022.

Typical Casino Bonuses

To begin with, typical casino bonuses may be perfectly valid for use in blackjack games. The only way to tell is to read the terms and conditions. These will say whether a typical casino welcome bonus or deposit bonus can be used to play blackjack. If your casino has such a bonus, then you don’t need to look for dedicated deals at all.

Deposit Based Table Game Bonuses

Some casinos are quite specific about what they want you to use your bonus on. Some will say that you need to claim a table game bonus for use on titles like blackjack. This works in the same way as a conventional deposit bonus, although it can only be used to play table games, not slots. Again, check the Ts and Cs to see which blackjack games you can use it on.

Some Blackjack Games May Be Excluded

Not all blackjack games may be eligible, either with conventional casino bonuses or table game bonuses. You can typically assume that basic blackjack games will be, but some variants may be deliberately left out. However, it is worth noting that some casinos offer dedicated blackjack bonuses. These can only be used on blackjack games. For instance, some may provide you with a little windfall if you win with a blackjack-ranked hand.

What About Live Casino Bonuses?

As we’ve seen so far, there are usually exceptions when it comes to casino bonuses. One of these can be live dealer casino games. Just because a casino bonus can be used on table games and blackjack doesn’t necessarily mean that you can use it on live dealer blackjack games. There is often a separate bonus for live dealer games. If this is the case, you will once again want to check the terms and conditions to ensure that live blackjack (and any live dealer blackjack variants) is deemed eligible here.

Playing in Blackjack Tournaments Online

Finally, blackjack can sometimes appear in casino tournaments. The best sites will typically carry a table games tournament. There’s no saying whether that will be on RNG (random number generator) games, live dealer games, blackjack games at all, or all three. However, the instructions and rules for each tournament will tell you what the situation is. Casinos supporting Pragmatic Play games, for instance, are known to support the Drops & Wins live casino tournaments. Live dealer blackjack games are often deemed eligible in these tournaments, which will be music to your ears, we’re sure.