Getting away for just a couple of days can do wonders. A weekend trip can help you clear your head, stop you feeling overwhelmed, and improve your mood by taking a break from your usual 9-5 life.


Taking some time for yourself by going away for the weekend is incredibly important. Weekend getaways can also help you:


Improve your mental health


Taking a trip away can help you escape the hecticness of life for a short while. Whether you’re looking to take a break from social media, relieve stress, switch off the news, or even escape from the current political climate, a weekend getaway can help you take a step back and help you deal with everything a lot better upon your return.


Better your physical health


People who regularly take short holidays typically have lower stress levels – which also reduces the risk of heart disease. Weekend trips are an easy way to put the focus back on your own health, and decrease the risk of developing anything sinister in the future.


Strengthen your relationships


Taking time away and travelling solo allows you to have much-needed me-time. Being able to focus on yourself rather than anyone else can help you reassess your priorities, which helps strengthen your relationships in the long run. As well as solo trips, weekend getaways are also a great option for partners looking to get away from real life for a couple of days. Booking a room at a nice boutique hotel, trying new hiking or walking routes, or just exploring somewhere new, are all great date ideas that can bring you back closer together.


Where are some good places to go for a weekend away?

The UK has a wide range of fantastic places for a weekend getaway that are perfect for solo travellers, family holidays, or couples.



There is always something happening in the nation’s capital. With plenty to do including famous landmarks and other tourist hotspots, exploring London’s different boroughs and neighbourhoods, or trying all the incredible cuisine that the city has to offer, London truly does have it all.



A beautiful and historic city, Bath is perfect for couples and families – especially history buffs. The city is home to some of the best-preserved Roman structures in the world, and its smaller size means it’s easy to walk (or cycle) around and take in the true beauty of this old Roman heart.



Another one for those into history, York has a stunning number of historic buildings including the infamous York Minister cathedral. Spend the weekend getting lost between cobbled alleys, visiting Victorian tearooms, and drinking in haunted pubs…



For those who want a little more nightlife, the nearby city of Leeds is a great place to go for your weekend getaway. Cheaper than London but with still so much going on, Leeds is an easy place to get to for a trip via train, that’ll give you a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

Whatever reason you’re looking to get away this summer, a weekend trip can sometimes be just the ticket…