You might suppose that music for a party is a simple matter of finding the right playlist on your favourite streaming service, and pressing shuffle. If you want to really push the boat out, then you might bring in a band. But going for the middle way, and paying someone to play music for you – where’s the appeal there?

A skilled DJ can make the difference between a good party and a great one, creating the right vibe, and ensuring that all of your guests have a great time. Let’s take a look at a few things to consider.

Music is best when experts handle it

If you have a DJ present, then you don’t need to worry about what’s on the playlist. You’ll be free to relax, unwind, and mingle with your party guests. A DJ has more experience than you do in judging the mood and the vibe, and they’ll be able to mix in the appropriate tunes accordingly.

Professional Sound and Equipment

When you hire a professional DJ, you’re also paying for the hire of all of the DJ equipment they’re going to bring along. This will tend to mean a quality PA system. You’ll get thumping deep bass and crispy high-end, and you won’t need to go to the trouble of sourcing the system yourself. If there are any technical hiccups, then your DJ should be able to fix them easily.

You’ll want to communicate to your DJ exactly what your venue has to offer, so that they can match the system and equipment to the size of the room. That way, you don’t end up deafened.

Crowd Work

A good DJ will be able to interact with the audience and get everyone suitably hyped. They’ll also help to lend your party that little bit of extra appeal. If everyone knows that there’s going to be a DJ there, then they’ll be that much likelier to turn up in the first place. It might be that your friends actually expect to see a DJ when they show up – and if there isn’t one, then the party might end up being something of a disappointment.

Excellent Value

One of the best things about a DJ is that it’s just one person running the entire operation. You don’t need to worry about paying a drummer, a guitarist, a bass player, a keyboardist and a singer. This means that you’ll end up paying less overall, and that you’ll have less need for soundchecks ahead of time. In short, you’ll spend less, and you’ll have less hassle to contend with. Considering this, the amount of value you get from a DJ isn’t to be sniffed at!