Prospecting on LinkedIn is a labor-intensive and complicated task. Fortunately, there are a few advanced linkedin automation tools, customized to eliminate the challenges and help you get the best out of LinkedIn. With the smart tools at your disposal, you can easily automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns and reach your potential audience faster compared to manual tactics. 

But with the growing number of software solutions available in the market, how do you decide which one is ideal for you? 

Well, fret not! You’ll get your answer today. We’ll discuss the 3 Best LinkedIn automation tools that will help you generate leads like a pro. But let’s understand the LinkedIn automation basics first.  

Best Linkedin Automation Tools  

In this section, you will learn about the Top 3 LinkedIn Automation Tools that can be absolute game-changers for your business. Let’s explore!  


Dripify is a state-of-the-art LinkedIn automation tool that empowers you to make sales funnels quickly. Being a cloud-based automation solution with cutting-edge features, Dripify lets you import leads from CSV files, enabling you to build foolproof prospecting campaigns. This tool allows you to choose from various automated LinkedIn actions as well as conditions and delays. Additionally, you can onboard your marketing squad and do prospecting jointly. 

This tool also allows you to determine how many prospects are at what stage of a LinkedIn campaign. The best thing about Dripify is its simple interface and user-friendliness, which implies you don’t need to be technology-savvy to run your lead generation campaign. Also, you can easily integrate Dripify with various CRM solutions. 

Dripify Features 

  • Automated sales funnel 
  • Makes use of LinkedIn Analytics 
  • Useful in Team Management  
  • Categorize lead data as per your campaigns or view info using various filters 
  • Integrated securely with more than 1000 software solutions 
  • Generates qualified leads for your business 
  • Send messages to prospects directly from ‘Smart Inbox’ — no need to leave the software  
  • Analyze your campaigns by viewing specific details such as engagement and recent activities 
  • Create drip campaigns to work effectively on your sales funnel 

Octopus CRM 

Octopus CRM is another LinkedIn outreach automation platform that is developed to reach out and connect with your prospects in a simple way. This tool allows sending messages to first-degree contacts in masses. It also enables you to send messages to prospects in second as well as third-degree networks. Octopus CRM is a good option when you aim at creating superior-quality lead generation funnels for LinkedIn campaigns. One of the best things about this tool is its Chrome extension which makes it a handy solution — all you need to do is sync your LinkedIn profile!  

It is an advanced LinkedIn bot that offers you several features including sending automatic connection requests and messages in bulk, profile views, and automatic profile confirmations of up to 7 skills. Octopus CRM is a powerful tool that can help you save a significant amount of time and other resources.  

Octopus CRM Features 

  • Share a list of prospects you’ve discovered on LinkedIn to Octopus CRM to launch your campaigns  
  • Send automatic and customized connection requests 
  • Ability to view your LinkedIn  
  • Prospects with designation as well as names 
  • Message all your connections in bulk 
  • View users’ LinkedIn profiles at scale 
  • Create sequences for connections and control the outreach strategy from an easy-to-use dashboard  
  • Ability to endorse skills from one single platform 
  • Optimize your outreach strategy as per the engagement metrics 


Expandi is a LinkedIn tool that helps you generate new leads automatically after refining your own leads according to your preferences. It is a good solution if you want to select your target audience. Plus, you can easily create multiple LinkedIn ad campaigns for a completely different niche without any restrictions. Another noteworthy thing is its ability to manage customized automated messages to reach your target audience.  

Expandi has an intuitive dashboard that lets you better understand your active lead generation campaigns, business connection values, engagement, and response rates. Not only does it facilitate instant campaign launching, but it also allows scheduling as per your custom needs.  

Additionally, you can launch drip campaigns with follow-ups that trigger automatically when a target user responds via message. This automation tool lets you expand your outreach in a safe, easy, and smart way.

Expandi Features 

  • Customize your LinkedIn messages with pictures or Gifs  
  • Enables you to send 100 messages and 100 invitations every day  
  • Target the suitable audience by fetching the important data of the prospects who engaged with an influencer’s particular post on LinkedIn 
  • Automate sequences for reaching out to the prospects  
  • Discover target users on LinkedIn and download the lists in a CSV format  
  • Advanced analytics for views and replies  
  • Smart inbox for easily filtering out the messages as per your goals and campaigns   
  • Handle outreach from multiple profiles 
  • Export campaign data options 

What is LinkedIn Automation? 

Everyday marketing tasks such as sending connection requests, distributing content, and interacting with specific prospects require a significant amount of time and effort. However, LinkedIn automation lets you perform redundant tasks automatically — from viewing profiles, posting to your company page, messaging prospects to running lead generation campaigns, and much more. Automation allows you to pivot your focus on other key strategies that need your human touch. 


Various high-growth industries require tools for automating important online sales and marketing activities, especially for engagement, recruitment, and conversions. The most popular area where LinkedIn automation has turned out to be beneficial is — External Sales. Through automation, your sales crew gets the ability to reach more prospects in less time, boost reach, and meet conversion goals.  

What are LinkedIn automation tools? 

LinkedIn automation tools are advanced software solutions that minimize the manual work of finding prospects as per certain parameters, sending requests for connection, posting content on the company page, running campaigns, and much more. 

Simply put, automation means building connections with a broad range of clients/customers, followers, and brand evangelists with personalized outreach messages and interactions (comments, likes, reactions) to strengthen their connection with your business without requiring any additional resources in doing so.


These LinkedIn automation software solutions provide you with these advantages: 

  1. They will help you save a significant amount of time as you won’t have to perform certain tasks manually. 
  2. They will bring personalization to your disposal, which means all your mass outreach messages and interactions will have a human touch. 
  3. They generate easy-to-understand reports automatically, making it simple for you to skim through the stats such as response and conversion rate.  
  4. Automation tools facilitate A/B testing as they let you experiment with different social outreach strategies.  
  5. There are several LinkedIn autopilot solutions that facilitate integration with other marketing and lead generation solutions. With such features, you can build a truly omnichannel approach for achieving your business growth goals. 
  6. Gather user info and utilize it to make the most out of your LinkedIn outreach campaigns. 

Is LinkedIn automation illegal? 

No, the use of a LinkedIn automation tool is not considered illegal, however, using them in an incorrect way can put your profile at risk. It is completely on the usage and how many tasks you automate with the tools. Investing in a tool that automates each and everything for LinkedIn outreach on autopilot may result in consequences that include banned accounts or damaged professional reputation. 


Panicking, right? Well, you don’t have to!  

All you have to do is choose the best solutions that are safe, secure, and trustworthy. If you wish to be on the safer side, then make sure to invest in tools that offer only semi-automation. Such tools provide you with better control over your LinkedIn outreach.  

Using the semi-automation tools, you can foster meaningful relationships while leveraging the power of personalization on each stage of communication, be it the first cold message or a follow-up.  

In fact, many full automation software solutions nowadays have created their daily restrictions on the number of contacts you can send, how much information you can fetch, or how many messages you can send to the prospects, protecting you from any issues. But, if you make use of these tools for a spray and pray-style outreach strategy, you are at a high risk of being blocked on LinkedIn.  

So, don’t be stressed. You will be completely safe if you use the LinkedIn lead generation tools the right way without any spammy intent. In fact, it will help grow your business.  



Hope our list of best LinkedIn automation tools was useful and now you’re all set to begin with lead generation on autopilot! 

Though, no matter which LinkedIn lead generation tool you pick for your business, always follow the best safety guidelines in mind– It’s the key to your LinkedIn Automation success.