Car owners understand that they must put their vehicles through periodic maintenance servicing to get their best performance. All components need to get checked for wear and tear to ensure the vehicle’s roadworthiness. In addition, regular maintenance keeps the driver and his passengers safe from mishaps and saves resources.

Finding a reputable service shop is an essential aspect of vehicular care. You need to consider the shop’s track record and skill level to ensure that your car will receive the best care and attention possible. You don’t just pick one at random and hope that they’ll do things right. You have to check and do your due diligence if you want your vehicle to work appropriately longer.

If you have second thoughts about your chosen

shop, you can always look for a better one. Accredited RAC approved garages can help you take care of your vehicle. They have the best mechanics available and have the right technology to keep your cars running as smoothly as possible.

Here are some of the essential maintenance services you need to schedule for your vehicles.


Oil and anti-freeze levels 

You need to check your vehicle’s oil and anti-freeze levels every month to determine whether you have enough in the containers. If you neglect to check on these liquids, you might be risking long-term damage to your engines as they are essential to efficient operations. Don’t top them up when your engines are hot; fill them before turning your motors on.


Tyre pressure and tread depth 

If you want to have an efficient and safe ride, you always need to check your tyres’ pressure and tread life. Always check the pressure and rely on the manual for the appropriate level to load it up. Tread life is also essential because it will help your vehicle create contact with the pavement. If you’re in doubt, always have a trusted mechanic look into them and rotate them.


Air filter

If you want your motor running efficiently, you should always check if your air filter is clear of debris. Clean and clear filters result in better fuel consumption and lower emission levels. You can have your mechanic check this regularly and change it once it becomes clogged.


Headlights, parking, turn signal, and brake lights 

You also need to periodically check the functionality of your headlights, parking, turn signal and brake lights. You need to ensure that everything works because law enforcement officers will write you up if any of these lights become busted, as your vehicle will be considered a risk to other motorists.


Transmission fluid 

Have your trusted mechanic check the transmission fluid level of your car. If you neglect to replace it or top it up, you risk costly transmission damage as the components will malfunction.


Shocks and struts 

Have your mechanic look into shocks and struts to ensure a smooth ride. Once they’re worn out, you need to have them replaced ASAP.



If you want a safe ride, you need to conduct regular maintenance services for your vehicle. It may prove costly, but they ensure your continued safety on the road.