Marvel is a franchise that has captured the hearts of many all over the world. Not only do we have fans purely for their love of comic books, we have fans that have been converted to the love of Marvel, due to the jam-packed action that is given to the audience from Hollywood movie production. Many of the characters from most of the movies have been adapted and integrated within their own Marvel slot games, and with great popularity, due to the huge fanbase that Marvel has amassed to this day.

If you are curious about where to go to find all the most popular slot games, head on over to where you can find access to all the Marvel casinos lots we are about to list down below. 

The Incredible Hulk Slot

With the Marvel movie itself making multiple renditions, as well as featuring this character within the Avengers too, you can understand why there is a huge fan base around this slot game. The big green giant is a favourite of many, and so is the storyline which follows the main character. 

It is the Smash bonus within this game that gets many people excited, in addition to the multiple gameplay modes that can activate various winning jackpot variations-if you are lucky enough! If you happen to land on the expanding wild feature, and a free bonus spin, this is where the large fixed jackpot is triggered, meaning you could walk away with up to 250,000 coins, if you wager at the maximum bet limit.

The Avenger Slot 

The Avengers movies brought together many game features that were compact all in one game. First each of the Avengers will play as a high value symbol within the game, and should you manage to get all the heroes within a combination win, during a free spin, say hello to up to 7000 times your original stake! The free spin feature is recognised when the Thor symbol lands in your reel consecutively within a row of three.

Spiderman Slot

Spiderman is another favourite and probably one of the biggest icons within all of Marvel history combined. Coming from the heart of NYC, we see Peter Parker evolve as a national hero who gives all his time in saving the city against foes like the Green Goblin. Within this slot game, you won’t be fighting too many foes, however you will need to watch out for the weapons in the slot machine that could trigger and destroy all the progress you are making on your reels. The Snapshot bonus feature is what you need to look out for, as this bonus symbol can give you a cash prize based on the number of multipliers you trigger as you play.

Iron Man Slot

Last but not least, we have Iron Man. Iron man of course needs no introduction, thanks to Robert Downey Jr. impeccable acting and introduction to the character. While there are two other slot machines that coincide with the movie release, you will find that the first one has the most jam packed features within it. If you trigger the wilds feature in the game, and get a minimum of three within a combination, you have the chance of using the free spins feature in multiplying your stake by 2500 times. If you are lucky enough, of course.