We all spend money on entertainment, and almost a third of the world’s population spends it on online casino games. Of course, for the majority of gamblers, this is just casual playing, and it doesn’t even occur on a daily basis. However, there are still those that are spending money on betting and casino games daily, even if they can’t really afford it.

This is why the casino industry is heavily regulated and fights to minimize the number of problem gamblers. And even with all of the latest restrictions that casinos face, we all have personal responsibility towards ourselves and our finances. Here we will give some tips on how to gamble responsibly, and even how to reduce potential losses.

Don’t Gamble if You Cannot Afford It

The first and most obvious suggestion is not to gamble at all if you cannot afford it. You should only engage in real-money casino games if you have enough disposable income. Meaning, if you are making ends meet you cannot afford it, since there are not enough funds in your savings account. See if you can find apps or free to play casino games, on social networks, if you enjoy playing poker or blackjack, and don’t spend your hard-earned cash on it. There are also no deposit bonuses that you can use if you wish to play a few games wagering real money. 

Avoid Gambler’s Fallacies

Another way to gamble responsibly is to resist superstition or gambler’s fallacy. This often occurs when someone is on a losing streak, and they start to think their luck is about to turn. The previous outcomes do not affect your future spins or hands in any way, you simply believe that you gave up a lot of money, and now the universe must give some of it back. It’s just superstition and it doesn’t work like that. The same goes for winning. You are not going to get ill or get hit by a bolt of lightning if you won a jackpot. It’s a random chance.  

Online Gambling Self Exclusion

If you feel that these games have a hold over you and you find it hard to resist them then you learn about Gamstop self exclusion. Basically, you set a time period when you cannot gamble, and all of the operators registered with Gamstop must deny you service. The reason why many are hesitant is that Gamstop exclusion can often seem too strict. Luckily, you can learn how to get around self-exclusion, if you feel you have gotten your behavior under control. Still, you should be aware that online gambling self exclusion is always available and that it is the most effective way to limit your access to this content. That being said, if you follow the tips provided here you should be able to enjoy this form of entertainment without such external limitations.     

Avoid Frustration and Alcohol

Responsible gambling means avoiding reckless behavior, and we are prone to being reckless if we are frustrated or drunk. There are instances where people lost thousands, even a million because they were gambling while intoxicated. The same goes for frustration, if you see that you entered a losing streak and that you are tense, just stop, before you get to the point where losing feels infuriating. 

Gamble Responsibly by Learning How Games Work

Even if you have more than enough money, you shouldn’t just waste it. Games in casinos have different variations and different rules. So, don’t spend your real cash just to give them a try and see how they work. You can play almost all of those games for free using a demo version. Additionally, games like blackjack require you to use strategy in order to maximize your winning odds. So, learn how to play perfect blackjack or at least have a guide near you, in order to know what to do in each specific situation.

Limit Time and Money You Can Spend on Gambling

The best way to avoid getting into trouble is to be disciplined. You need a strict set of rules that you will adhere to, regardless of whether you are winning or losing. Calculate how much you can spend on a monthly basis, and then see how many hours or minutes you can gamble per day or per week. This will give you the duration and budget for each play session. Keep track of how much you are spending, and when your money or time is up call it quits. 

Don’t View Gambling as Escapism 

Finally, you need to view this only as a source of entertainment, not as a means of financial stability or gain. It’s something you can do in order to treat yourself if you work hard, and have some time on your hands. It should not become a daily thing you do and look forward to every night. If you are not satisfied with your life, seek professional help or simply think about what needs to change. Chasing a jackpot is not a valid solution for your problems.


These are 7 important things you need to remember and practice in order to gamble responsibly. Nobody denies that this is fun and that a lot of people are doing it, but it can have dangerous financial consequences if we are irresponsible. Everything in life needs to be consumed in moderation, and casino games are no different. Hopefully, you found these tips useful, and you will try to implement them when playing at online casinos. In general, you have an advantage when playing online, because there are lots of bonuses you can claim, so try not to spend your own money if you don’t have to.