Choosing your career is one of the biggest decisions we make. Some people go through life never really knowing what they want to do but some people have had their dream job planned out since they were a child.

For a lot of people, they’ve wanted to be a teacher all their life so completing their PGSE after university is a straightforward decision but for some, teaching is a career that they only consider later in life but often feel as though making the switch would be a hassle.

Whilst the training time may take a year out of your life, once you complete your teacher training you’ll be working in a great environment filled with many benefits. Here are some of our favourites. 


Perhaps the most rewarding career that anyone can go into. Teaching is pivotal in the development of children and educating them is furthering their ability to go out into the real world and have a sense of belonging.

Children often spend more time with teachers than they do with their parents so you are acting as a role model for them to learn from which creates a strong bond between teachers and their students.

Lifelong learning

We’re always learning but with teaching, you’ll devote your career to a subject you love which means the chance to work on new topics and discover facts you never knew before is very high.

You’ll be surrounded by a group of teachers in your department who share this passion with you and with this teamwork, you can all learn from each other.

Holidays and flexible hours

Do you miss the holidays you had when you were at school? Well with teaching, you’ll get them all back. Being a teacher may consist of long term times but you are rewarded with over 12 weeks of holiday across the year, trumping the average annual leave of the UK.  

Many employee benefits

The teacher benefits are unmatched and your school may offer you reward schemes that can offer discounts online for shopping, holidays or technology which goes hand in hand with the handsome wage that teachers receive.

Go overseas

A fully qualified teacher can work in any country around the world as their qualification is recognised by every teaching body worldwide.

This means that once you think you’ve conquered teaching in the UK, you can pack up and teach in some of your favourite cities. Explore the world whilst enjoying the rewards of educating the children of today.

There’s never a dull moment with teaching which makes it an interesting career choice for all. Filled with challenges that are highly rewarded, getting into teaching might just be the best choice you can make.