Construction is a difficult and long process, whichever building design you choose. You have to put in a lot of effort, time, and finances into your project. To begin the process you obviously need a carefully laid out plan and enough resources, which can be expensive and tiresome.

If you don’t have the right connections or experience in the construction industry, you can be scammed. However, if you are new to it, you can get your building materials from Materials Market. Here is a guide on the basics of construction to help you make your construction successful.

1. A proper building plan

Of all the crucial facts about building, a well laid out plan is the most essential, Large scale construction especially. With a plan, you can know what to expect, how much money you will require for your construction, the design, the kind of foundation to lay etc.

In order to make a great plan you need a team of professionals. Electricians, plumbers, architects, and civil engineers can give you their ideas and once you discuss them you can come up with a successful plan.

2. Budget estimation

Construction is expensive, it is an investment. Before you begin your project it is important to have some finances in place. You will be taken more seriously by your crew if you have your finances on your project approved. No constructor would want to waste their time since the quoting process can take weeks.

You need to be transparent with your budget. Most people begin construction without a clear estimate of the materials and the labour they will need and this often ends up in heartbreaks and unfinished projects. The amount you use will be determined by the quantity and quality of the materials you use. In case your money runs out during the construction process, you can borrow funding from financial firms, loans or private investors.

3. Acquire land

Before you begin construction you need a piece of land. You need to consider several factors like how big you want your building to be, the location. Size will determine how big your land should be, unless you are going for a storey building. Location is important because, in case it’s an industry, it has to be situated close to where raw materials can be easily found. This saves on production cost.

The land you acquire has to be suitable for construction too. Some soils are water logged or too rocky. This means they will harden your construction process or make it longer than you intended it to be.

4. Documentation

It is not uncommon to see buildings being demolished due to lack of proper documents or proof of ownership. You can easily avoid such situations by getting permission from authorities. Ensure you register before you embark on any construction project.

Many people are fraudsters currently, they sell land that doesn’t belong to them. So before you pay for land, obtain documents which show the transfer and purchase of the specific land. Some of the documents you need for building construction are architecture drawings, certificate of undertaking from a civil engineer, land soil test, survey report, structural report, document of land purchase or transfer.

5. Use professionals

An architect is an added advantage to your project. He can help with the design, the labour men you need, the budget plan. Though they can be expensive, it is better to have one than make many mistakes on your building which will cost more to fix.

6. Familiarise with your neighbors

This is often ignored by many. A bad relationship with your neighbors means they can stop your construction by objecting to your DA submission. But if you have a good relationship with them, it can help you maneuver and stay ahead of any complaints that may arise.

7. Conduct enough personal research

This basically points to all the points mentioned above. Information is all over the internet in today’s world. It is not a guarantee that the information might be right or true which is why you have to re-examine your sources. Being coned should not be an option.


Housing is a human demand that will always be on the rise which is why real estate is quite significant. Once you have gone through all the above stages of construction, your project is set to kick off smoothly. It can be stressful but some people only get to experience construction once in life therefore, you should enjoy it.