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Local people are urged to get help and support on money and debt worries before they fall into debt.

The current energy crisis, ongoing pandemic and Christmas spending may see more people struggling financially.

With rising energy costs, keeping your home warm over winter will also cost people more money.

Councillor John Shaw, convener of finance, resources and customer service for Renfrewshire Council, said it is important to reach out for help and support as early as possible.

“Christmas can be a stressful time of the year. Most of us feel the same pressure to spend money on presents, food and celebrating with loved ones. Add on the energy crisis with rising energy costs and people being moved to other suppliers, as well as the continued pandemic, it is easy to feel that money is slipping out of your fingers.

“There is help and support available and I urge anyone who is struggling with money now, or thinks they will in the near future, to get in touch with our advice works or energy advocacy team. Our advisers can help you find the right support for you.

“If you are worried about your money, how you will pay bills or what you can do about changing energy supplier, please get in touch with your advisers. We are here to help you.”

To contact the energy advice and advocacy team, email or call 0300 300 0300.

To contact the advice works team, email or call 0300 300 1238.

For more information, visit or