Home decoration can be difficult for some guys, especially if you’re unsure of what style you want or don’t express yourself through your environment often. Fortunately, we have gathered several home decoration tips that can level up your home, whether you’re decorating your living room or your man cave.

With these tips, you should get some ideas of how you want your rooms to be decorated. Even with many of these tips, you still have space to add some much-needed personalization to the room. Take a look at accessories that you can mount on walls, like rolex clocks.


Less Can Be More

Let’s start with minimalism, something that a lot of guys seem to like. Maybe it’s an affinity toward asceticism, maybe it’s just because it’s less effort, who knows? What we do know is that using minimalist room décor is easy, promotes mindfulness by reducing clutter, and can put forward a strong and stoic image of yourself to visitors. That isn’t to say a minimalist décor can’t be expressive, however, especially with some carefully chosen accessories that mean a lot to you.


Include Natural Materials & Textures

It’s hard to go wrong when you go for an all-natural décor style, even if it’s simulated through wallpaper or other fittings. By including glass, metal, wood, and stone into your home decoration, you can put forward a more neutral look that can impress people of all genders. The neutral colors of these materials (browns, greys, silvers) appeal to most people’s eyes and can be combined with other splashes of color to add your own personal touch. It doesn’t really go out of style either, so you can keep the decoration for longer without having to update or modernize it.


Alternative Wall Decorations

If you don’t have many pictures to hang or you’re not familiar/interested in hanging up art, you can still avoid negative space along your walls. You can hang posters and other brand-related material if you’re a fan of movies and other forms of media. You could also get wall hangings that are technically merchandise, that is tied to some franchise or group that you identify with, but it’s not that obvious to those who don’t recognize it. These are pieces that could stand on their own but visitors who are in the know will get what you’re about. You could also hang flags, whether it’s local, state, national, or sports flags. Others opt for canvases of maps that are relevant or meaningful for them, combining practicality with sentimentality for a muted form of self-expression.


Raise The Bar

If you’re decorating a social space in your home, you may want to consider a bar. Installing a whole bar into your home goes beyond simple home decoration in a lot of ways but, if you already have a kitchen counter, you can get shelving or special glass bottle holders to make a makeshift bar display that shows off your selection of alcohol. Naturally, you should also have whiskey glasses and other pieces of equipment that you’d expect from a bar.


Set A Coffee Table

A blank coffee table is a missed opportunity. If you have a negative space in the middle of a room, a glass-topped coffee table can look great. If you get one, or maybe you already have one, then you should set it. This means you place items onto the table that you’re interested in and reflect you as a person. Many place books or magazines onto their table, smokers will place an ashtray and maybe some cigar/pipe memorabilia.


Get Old Stuff

While this depends on your chosen decoration style, it’s often a good idea for a man to have some old furniture in their home. Older furniture isn’t just a shortcut to achieving a more rustic style, they’re also heftier and made to a great quality that should have the practicality you need. If you’re getting a desk, an older hardwood desk with some visible wear can look prestigious. Part of the appeal can be the wear on these old pieces of furniture while other examples of furniture wear (like scuffs on an old but sturdy and comfortable couch) can be “saved” by throwing a cover blanket over it.


Get A Plant

No matter what style of decoration you’re going for, you can always add a splash of green. This advice goes for all genders but, where you may find floral/color-bearing in other homes, a guy’s home can benefit from one or two plain green plants or cacti.