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When it comes to decorating your home and personalizing the space, nothing does it better than a fine piece of art. While you could use wallpaper or textured paint to decorate a wall, it’s not even close to the kind of effect a nice painting or sketch could have. Moreover, wall art is not something that you use just to decorate and beautify your home, it is a thought-provoking ornament that gives the area more character, and it’s a great conversation starter. For some people who are collectors of a certain kind of art or those done by a specific artist, their homes are a depository of art. However, getting the right kind of art for your home is not just as simple as buying a piece and pinning it up against a wall.

Art is far more complex, it’s not just a visually appealing illustration, it has a history, a concept, and a story that it is trying to tell. Some extremely expensive art pieces are very simple when you look at them, they don’t employ sophisticated techniques and can be quite small in size too, but the price represents the value that piece holds.

If you are looking to get a piece of wall art for your home, these are some important considerations you should keep in mind.

1.  The Size

Keep in mind the area that you are selecting the wall art for and also consider the condition of the wall that you are going to place it on. For small spaces such as bathrooms, it won’t be a good idea to get a large wall art since it crowds the space. However, if you have a wall in the bathroom that is relatively open and far away then you could use a piece that takes up 60%-70% of the wall and still won’t look bad. If you plan on using multiple pieces of art on the same wall then it would be a good idea to use smaller pieces together or pieces of varying sizes in a pattern that compliments each piece.

2.  The Frame

While most wall art pieces already come with a frame, you can always modify this to better suit your wall and the overall environment of the room. For instance, if you have a room with wooden flooring, the framing specialists at EasyFrame advise that you get a wooden frame that compliments the flooring. Moreover, if you have a wooden wall then you should get a wooden frame that compliments the wooden background. The frame itself can be in many different styles and sizes. Additionally, even changing the frame on existing wall art that you have can completely change its outlook.

3.  The Context

When you are choosing wall art, it’s critical to keep in mind the subject and context of the piece, for instance, if you have a piece that shows fruits and vegetables, it will be best suited to the kitchen, whereas something more abstract will be more suited to the reading area or dining room. Wall art comes in a lot of styles and covers a wide range of subjects, so when you are choosing a piece, keep in mind the subject that it addresses and also the tone that it uses to depict that subject.

4.  The Focal Point

The piece that you choose will have a focal point which is where the artist wants the viewers’ attention to go. When you are placing wall art around your house, you want to make sure the focal point stays in focus and the things near or around the piece don’t distract the viewer. Moreover, when you have more than one painting placed together, it’s more difficult for the viewer to find the focal point of a painting since each piece is camouflaging the other. Even if you want to have multiple pieces on the same wall, make sure you space them out just enough to give each piece enough room to illustrate its message.

If you are considering decorating your home with wall art, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the most expensive pieces, what you need is to properly organize them so that it not only stands out on its own but also enhances the look of the overall space. Even very modestly priced pieces can go a long way in beautifying the space if they are used correctly. Moreover, the right environment can also help enhance the look of a piece, and both elements work in synergy to enhance each other.