It is true that the CBD market has come a long way in the past few years. Once limited to low-strength oils, users can now find a variety of products, from oil-fashioned CBD softgels and calming tea to fruity-flavoured e-liquids and endless skincare products. However, one of the more exciting (and delicious!) niches in the market is CBD edibles. Indeed, after you have tried a fruity gummy bear or tasted a piece of that heavenly sweet like chocolate, it is hard to go back to traditional CBD products! 

And while many consumers might have heard about cookies or candies with CBD oil, recently, some companies have also started producing CBD infused honey and different versions of honey sticks. Offering delicious flavour and flexibility in a comfortable format, honey sticks can be a great way to take your daily dose of CBD. But what are they exactly, and how can you use CBD honey sticks in your daily life? Here is everything you need to know.


What Are CBD Infused Honey Sticks?

CBD honey sticks are exactly what the name states – they are pure honey infused with hemp-derived CBD oil and packaged in a small, stick-like sealed tube.

However, they can be purchased in two different formats. The first is a solid stick of solidified and crystallised honey enriched with cannabidiol (CBD). The second one is just a hollow straw formulated with a mixture of liquid honey and CBD oil. Both options are designed for tasty and convenient use of one serving at a time, and both contain the important CBD component, delivering a burst of wellness in a fun and easy way.


Seven Advantages Of Using CBD In The Form Of Honey Sticks


Due to its earthy taste, consuming CBD can be unpleasant for some users, particularly if you are using unflavored tinctures or oral sprays. Therefore, the first and most obvious reason why most consumers love getting their daily dose of CBD through different edibles like honey sticks is that they taste good!

As a natural sweetener, honey helps eliminate that distinctive flavour, making CBD products more appealing to the masses. So with CBD enriched honey sticks, you won’t experience the specific aftertaste of hemp.


Easy-To-Use Format

CBD honey sticks are probably one the easiest ways to use CBD products on the market. When taking CBD oil tincture, you have to be careful with how much you take in each drop, but you don’t have that kind of risk with CBD honey sticks. You just need to open one end of the plastic tube, and you can enjoy a tasty snack and potential CBD benefits straight up – without any preparations.


Pre-Measured Dosage

Most CBD honey sticks come with a pre-measured dose, ranging from 5 and 10 to 15 and 20 mg of CBD oil in each stick. This way, you don’t need to do any calculations or special measurements to find the right dose.

Plus, if you only need half of your CBD dosage, you can simply eat a part of the stick to change your consumed amount instead of taking it whole or having to fiddle with an oil dropper. Easy CBD dose control also means easy dosage adjustments.


Versatility Of Uses

CBD sticks can work just like regular honey liquid, providing consumers with a truly versatile product. You can easily use them as a sweetener for your foods, melt them in your beverages or consume them right out of the straw. Or, you can pour the content to spread it over crackers or toasts – either way, they are very convenient to use.

What’s more, CBD honey sticks can be used in many other ways – as a topical for pain relief, as a face mask for skincare and even as a lip balm for moisturising dry lips.


Portable & Discreet

The small and convenient format of CBD honey sticks makes them portable enough to use when you are on the go. Just put one or two honey sticks in your backpack or purse and bring them with you to work, a cafe or anywhere else you can go during the day.

They are also very discrete. No one will ask questions or give you strange looks if they see you stirring a honey stick in your coffee, tea, milk or any other beverage and meal of your choice.


Long-Lasting Effects

When you take CBD in the form of a drink or food, it must pass through your digestive tract and liver before it enters your bloodstream and delivers the first positive effects. Nevertheless, this also means that the active substances are released slowly over a long time as food is digested, resulting in long-lasting CBD effects. This might be a great option for users looking for long-term CBD benefits and lasting relief with minimal need for re-dosing throughout the day.


Added Benefits

Another great advantage of CBD honey sticks is that they are created by an infusion of two extremely beneficial compounds, and therefore, they bring the best of both worlds. You not only receive the potential health benefits offered by CBD, but you also get the vast advantages that are given by the natural treasure, also known as honey.

The combination of both substances leads to a myriad of benefits that make CBD enriched honey sticks a unique treat, not only in terms of taste but in terms of positive effects for health and general wellness too.


How Long Do CBD Honey Sticks Take To Kick In?

Since CBD honey sticks fall into the oral product category, just like capsules and gummies, they have to be processed in the digestive system before they hit the bloodstream. As a result, such products provide a delayed onset. The first beneficial effects of the CBD honey sticks can take about 40-120 minutes to appear, depending on your weight, individual metabolism, whether you are taking them on a full or empty stomach and other factors like CBD concentration and consumed dosage.