How Gambling Can Be Good for Health

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Gambling has attracted negative press often. Even to this day, many countries like the UAE, Cambodia, Japan, Poland, Cyprus, and some others have a complete or partial ban on gambling. But did you know that gambling may actually be good for our health?

Gambling goes back a long time. Many historians believe it goes back to the Palaeolithic times when there was no written history. Even in 3000 BC, in early Mesopotamia, there was gambling with six-sided dice. Researchers have also discovered that keno slips were used to raise money to finance the Great Wall of China.

However, even then, it has been associated with addiction and crime, although most gamers are playing just for entertainment. Thousands of gamers go to the casinos in Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau, London, Melbourne, and other places. Many are also playing online casino games, which too have become very popular.

In fact, online casinos have become so popular that many believe it is soon going to overtake the land-based casinos. Millions of dollars change hands in both land-based and web casinos.

A lot of people are still convinced that gambling will lead to bad things. Can something so popular, be all that bad?

You may be surprised to know that there are actually several health benefits of gambling –


  1. It Makes Us Feel Happier

Dr. Mark R. Dixon is a Behaviour Analysis and Therapy professor at the USA’s Southern Illinois University. At the university, a team of researchers wanted to find the impact of gambling on the human mind. Residents of a nursing home were told to play blackjack and 5-card poker games. Their happiness levels were analysed using 4-component analysis methods.

The researchers found that gambling made the participants happier and improved their mood. They noticed a positive mood spike when they were playing. The entertainment value of gambling was even higher than watching television. The Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis published the finding of this study.


  1. Helps Us Become More Social

We can also improve our socializing skills by playing these games. People come together when they play, whether at a land-based or online gambling website. You will have to work with other players, interact with them in games like blackjack and poker.

For example, you may chat with the other players in poker. You can play slots with your friends. You can also place bets with your friends. You can talk with the dealer as well.


  1. It Improves Skills

Many gamers can learn new skills and they can also improve their existing skills while playing. For example, close observation can improve your chances of winning. So you can become more careful and observant. Over time, with practice, you can learn to study, which will help you find patterns and numbers that have a higher winning chance.

This can be a very good exercise for your brain. The human brain loves challenges. It will work better if you give it a good workout. Challenge your brain, and it will be forced to work better and deliver a solution.

There is also gaming strategy, where planning and execution are both needed. If you are playing blackjack, for example, you should know the rules, of course, but you will also have to develop your own strategy. There are other games as well where skill and strategy are needed like poker, three-card poker, let ‘em ride, and Mississippi stud.

These days, many casinos offer special promotions where you can play many free games. This means you will get plenty of opportunities to plan, strategize, and give your brain a good workout.


  1. You Can Manage Money Better

Gamers will certainly want to make money at the casinos. But they have to spend the money first. Bankroll management is very important whether you are playing online or offline. First, decide how much money you want to play with and then stick to it. Some players have lost their entire deposit because they could not exit at the right time. There have also been instances where people have won but eventually ended up losing more. So quit at the right time.

It is always best if you have pre-decided the playing amount and then quit, whether you have won or lost. You will at least have a fun time even if you have lost more. So apart from money management, gambling can also teach how to exercise self-control.


  1. It Is Relaxing

Casino gambling can help de-stress. It provides an opportunity to escape from the everyday monotonous routine. Modern-day work and family pressures can be very stressful. It harms both our mind and body. Gambling is fun and entertaining. So it gives you a nice break.

These are some of the health benefits of gambling. Did they come as a surprise to you? Gambling isn’t all that bad, provided you have self-control and do it rationally.