There are many famous online bookmakers all over the world. In certain countries, some countries may be more prevalent than others. However, each country most likely has one or two names that dominate the market within it. When talking about territories in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, it is fair to say that Parimatch bookmaker 2021 version is the absolute dominant force.

For those who might not know, Parimatch was founded back in 1994 by Sergey Portnov in Kyiv, Ukraine. After being a physical betting office for some time, Portnov, with his vision, saw the opportunities that the Internet, which was on its first steps back then, could give to his business. When looking at the results that the company has obtained so far, it is easy to see that Portnov is a true visionary.

Now, almost 30 years later, things look much different. Parimatch has a solid presence in many countries around the world, some examples include:

  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • and many others!

But that’s not all, because recently the company has also been allowed to start operating in territories such as Cyprus or Tanzania. But of course, Portnov doesn’t want Parimatch to stop there. He is determined to make his company grow into even more territories. That’s the reason why he has worked hard in gaining the necessary approvals and obtaining the necessary authorizations from different European countries.

It is fair to say that this hard work has paid off. This is because recently the company has been recently authorized to participate in countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, and many others.

There are exciting ways on which Parimatch participates in many sports

There are many organizations, leagues, tournaments, athletes and even sports teams that have become partners with Parimatch. This has been due to sponsorship reasons. However, with the company being also at the forefront of IT applied to sports, it is easy to see why so many players at modern sports want to have Parimatch as an ally.

Recently, Parimatch became an official partner of the Italian football team Juventus FC. This deal not only will give Parimatch a great deal of visibility within Italy, but also, it can help the team to take advantage of all the technological tools that Parimatch has to offer. These tools have significantly helped several athletes and sports teams in the past. And there is no reason to think that this couldn’t be helpful for Juventus as well.

To summarize, the changes that Parimatch has had since its creation are simply incredible. From being another sports betting office where long queues would gather, to becoming one of the companies at the forefront of IT applied to sports, the future of Parimatch looks bright. When also considering that the company is working hard to expand into highly competitive Western markets, it is fair to say that there are exciting times ahead for the company and its users.