For many sports punters, a betting website isn’t complete unless it has a welcome bonus. The offer could be a free bet worth £5. Or it might be a generous £100 first deposit bonus. Bettors want to see a bonus before they can sign up at a new sportsbook.

Here, we’ll take you through the ideal process of finding betting bonuses. Our goal is to ensure you receive a quality bonus regardless of the amount. Sounds good? Let’s dive right in.

 Check Bonus Review Sites

Because bettors love bonuses so much, some websites exist to compare offers from different sportsbooks. These platforms work in two ways. Some bookies publish a plain list of recommended bonuses. The best bonuses provide more information about a bonus.

To expound more, a good bonus comparison site ranks betting site offers based on the trustworthiness of bookmakers. Let’s say bookie A has a nice £200 offer. Bookie B has a £100 bonus while Bookie C has a £30 freebie.

Great comparison sites conduct research to learn more about the sportsbooks. If bookie C offers the best odds, tip-top customer service and quick payouts, it’s the first site they recommend.

That being said, take time to find betting bonuses from sportsbooks in the UK. Accept offers only if they come from a site licensed by the Gambling Commission. This helps confirm you’ll wager at a safe, legal app.

Learn about Different Bonuses

Contrary to popular belief, betting bonuses come in many types. There’s the welcome bonus—you receive a free bet after you sign up or make your first deposit. In many cases, this is the most generous reward you can earn from a betting site.

As such, take time to find a good welcome reward. First, check out top-rated betting sites on review sites. Next, choose a few bookies with generous bonuses. Then read the terms and conditions of your offer.

Read the terms of every bonus you come across—not just the welcome offer. We’re talking about reload bonuses, cashback offers, VIP programs and special occasion rewards. If the terms feel exploitive, avoid the offer.

Most betting bonuses target loyal players. VIP programs, for example, target high rollers who bet regularly. Cashback programs target patrons that would benefit from kickbacks. In light of that information, choose one or two bookies for finding loyalty rewards.

Learn About Qualified Sports

One of the reasons you want a betting bonus is to wager on your favorite sport. Maybe you love boxing. Look for bonuses that can be used on boxing and MMA. If an offer is available to football and not boxing fans, then it’s unhelpful.

Learning about qualified sports is straightforward. Read the offer’s terms and conditions. The details are often included. Importantly, learn about the leagues and teams you can bet on using your freebie.

Another crucial condition is the odds. Many bonuses come with a rule on the odds you should you use while betting. In football-related offers, the common rule is to wager on teams with odds of above 1.5 (3/2).

If you claim a bonus and wager on a game with below the stated odds, you risk losing your profits. However, betting on a game with too long odds also reduces your chances of winning.

Pay Attention to Withdrawal Policies

Bonus withdrawal policies are just as important as the qualifiers and bonus use terms and conditions. In fact, the withdrawal policies are more important because they determine whether you win real money or not.

For starters, find out the maximum you can and withdraw from a bonus. Is it a decent amount to you? Generally, pick bonuses with a cashout limit of above £200. That’s because these freebies can be demanding too.

Think about it. You need to deposit real money to get a free bet. Next, you must invest time in predicting a match correctly, a game that’s fairly difficult to predict. After that, you need to fulfill bonus terms within a specific timeframe.

In light of that information, it’s only fair to claim a bonus that can lead to a decent profit. Some bookies have no withdrawal limits, while others have incredibly generous limits.

Subscribe to Bonus Newsletters

One betting bonus is never enough. And since it’s not illegal to claim offers on multiple betting sites, subscribe to a newsletter. Create a special email for free bets and promotions. That’s because bookies and review sites can easily overwhelm you with recommendations.

Before you subscribe to a bonus newsletter, ensure the site recommends the sorts of offers you love. Maybe you cherish betting on football. Maybe you love bonuses with no wagering requirements.

Subscribe to a newsletter that will email you about your favorite bonuses. Of course, you can subscribe to multiple newsletters. The objective is to do it right by finding great newsletters.

Ask your Bookie for a Bonus

This won’t always work. But if you’re a loyal punter out of bonuses, ask your bookmaker if they’re willing to give you a bonus. The best betting sites will always give you a freebie, especially if it’s been a while since you last received an offer.

Another reason this trick works is because bonuses aren’t free money. They’re marketing strategies that earn a betting site new clients, loyalty and increased sales. That said, the biggest benefit of this method is that it helps you find personalized bonuses.

Let’s say you spend your time betting on basketball games in the US. You’ll receive a bonus for this specific purpose. However, that’s not always possible when depending on generic rewards.

Your Turn

Every sports bettor loves bonuses. If a punter says they hate freebies, it’s not the bonuses they hate. It’s the bookies behind these offers. Free bets can help increase your profits and lower your losses.

As such, it’s okay to find bonuses. But don’t accept any offer you come across. Take time to learn about great bonuses. Learn about different types of free bets and how you can claim them. In the end, find bonuses designed to help you win real cash.