With medicinal cannabis getting attention from the world over, many people are now considering growing marijuana and are even researching how to start growing weed inside their homes.

Now growing weed at home is very different from growing any other plants. It requires an understanding of a few vital factors for your safety and ensuring the best yield quality.

Let us look at the five most critical elements that you must consider when growing weed by yourself.

    1. Seed characteristics- The first thing that impacts the quality of cannabis is the genetics of the seeds. The legality of cannabis is still debatable in most places. This factor poses a problem for getting high-quality strains online. Try to find hybrid seeds that are much more robust and durable than the traditional strains. There is the option of auto-flowering cannabis that is easy to grow. You don’t need to worry about increasing or decreasing the light for this type to flower.
    2. Cannabis laws in your state- You must be well aware of the legal status of marijuana in your state. Please keep in mind that marijuana is still not legal across all states. If you grow weed in a state that hasn’t legalized cannabis, you could be in trouble. The jurisdiction could convict you for a felony, and you may have to spend time behind bars. If growing is legal in your state, you should know about the maximum number of plants allowed to grow. You need to get a medical marijuana license as well. It is best to grow marijuana inside as cannabis thieves are common in states where it is legal.
    3. Optimal lighting is extremely critical for growing cannabis- Whether growing indoors or growing out on the terrace, make sure you consider light properly. If growing outdoors, find a place that will be exposed to sunlight for long hours. Indoors, you can control the lighting as per your choice and the flowering pattern of the strain, but make sure to use LED lights. Too much light can burn your plants. The season is vital for growing outdoors. Spring is considered the harvesting season.
    4. Balanced nutrition- Be careful with the supply of nutrients to your plant, according to the different phases of its growth. Cannabis plants need a different set of nutrients while growing and different ones while flowering. The hydroponic nutrient system is perfect for the best results. Again, too few nutrients can impact your harvest, and so can too much.
    5. The variables that can impact cannabis are many- Among them, temperature and ventilation are vital. If you are growing your marijuana indoors, you should keep fans to control the heat generated from growth lights. Temperature is known to impact the density of the buds. Ventilation is vital because lack of ventilation can cause molds to develop. Molds can destroy your plant.

To grow cannabis at your home, make sure you carefully ensure that these five factors have been considered. It will surely help you in a better yield and save you from legal implications.