2022 is going to bring the Jewish communities one of the greatest Pesach celebrations that they have had in a very long time. 2020, and 2021 celebrations were dampened by the existence of Covid 19. Hotels, resorts, and entertainment venues were closed to try and prevent the spreading of the disease. In 2022 the Passover programs in Europe, and the programs all around the world are going to be livelier, more inspirational, and possibly more meaningful.

Passover celebrations allow the Jewish people to celebrate their release from slavery and oppression. The past two years have reminded the Jewish population that freedom to travel, freedom to eat at a restaurant, take in a musical, play with friends, or simply go shopping, are not things to be taken for granted.

Traveling can be done again, and you can book a Pesach program in Europe destination and allow your family to feel the pressure, and oppression of the past two years to be lifted away.


Pesach in Cyprus

This beautiful island paradise in the eastern Mediterranean Sea will offer you a chance to celebrate in one of the most beautiful and scenic locations in Europe. From Friday, April 15, 2022 until Saturday, April 23, 2022 you can soak in the sun, the sea breeze, and spend countless hours enjoying the clear blue waters.

Stay at the luxurious The Blue Lagoon Kosher Spa and hotel in Paphos, Cyprus. Blue water, bright sunshine, sandy beaches, and everything you could want in one destination.

The food is a fine dining experience that you do not want to miss. The chefs prepare completely kosher friendly fare that is an exciting experience each time you dine.

Swim in the indoor or outdoor pools. Take long walks on the private beach, or enjoy the local shops, and venues. Take a cruise on the blue lagoon. Visit the Troodos Mountains on a guided tour, or ride an ATV while you explore the Acme Mountains.

Relax while the children enjoy a child friendly pool, weekly magician shows, and the other activities the resort has to offer.


Pesach in Italy

Have you ever considered what a Pesach celebration in Italy would be like? Seder in Italy offers amazing food, rich cultural experiences like the traditional Afikoman, and the reading of a Haggadah.

The element of meat that should be represented on the seder plate is a divine Marzoh Lasagna. It is crafted with vegetables, malzot, and lamb. The lamb is a wonderfully kept tradition in reverence to the korban Pesach.

Besides the magnificent food and traditional observance of Seder Italy has Passover programs that are totally kosher, and in alliance with the Jewish requirements for the holiday. Your family can spend seven luxurious days and nights at the Hotel Olympic situated in south Lake Garda only a few kilometers away from the village of Sirmione.

The hotel offers exquisite accommodations, relaxation, luxury and excursions to local entertaining venues. You can see one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe when you visit Garda land. You can experience a zoo/safari excursion with wonderful exhibits showcasing many animals on the brink of extinction.

Take a leisurely trip to one of the most impressive botanic parks in all of Italy when you visit the Parco Sigurta. Or simply rent a car and head out to locations like Verona, Venice, Florence or Milan.


Pesach in Spain

Mark your calendar or your bucket list with a trip for Pesach in the area of Costa Brava in Spain. Book a reservation for the hotel Oasis in a room, luxury suite or apartment. All of the accommodations are five-star and all of the food is kosher and Passover ready kitchen areas will do the preparation and cleaning for you.

The entire family will have amenities and activities that will keep them busy, fulfilled, and never let them get bored. There are pools for swimming for both the adults and the children. Outside gardens, indoor games like ping pong, table football, and billiards.

Go to the spa and get a massage that will make all of the stress of the past couple of years leave your body. There are babysitting services available so the children can play all day, and you can get a sitter to watch them at night while the adults hit the night spots and cut loose.

Bask in the


Final Thoughts

This is the year to break away and visit Europe for Pesach. It is time to spread your wings, start checking things off your bucket list, and enjoy the fruits of your labors and the glorious gifts that God has provided. All of the European destinations provide culturally rich experiences that will be remembered for the rest of your life. It is your time to shine, your time to enjoy, and your time to fly!