Every business needs a standard list of equipment. They need computers, the internet, printers, management software, phones, and so on. These pieces of equipment are so ingrained into all of us because we are used to them. They are prevalent in our home offices, in professional offices, and in every business. 

The custom or specialist pieces of equipment, however, those can slip your mind. There is also always a big difference in cost. In some cases, it will forever be cheaper to outsource the work; in other cases, you can save money and better control your costs by bringing these processes in-house. 

If you produce items, in any business type, then the additional pieces of equipment you may need for your Paisley business include: 

A Laser Cutter and Engraver 

From signs to furniture, if you craft your own products, then a multi-purpose laser cutter and engraver is a must. There is no better way to cut cleanly or with as much precision as with a laser cutter, and on top of that, you can also add your custom branding using the same machine for engraving. If you often have to send off your products for either of these steps, then consider bringing in a Trotec Laser for your business. This laser offers everything that you need and sets higher standards than the industry follows. It also comes with an easy software tool to make production seamless. 

Tip: To bring in more money, you can actually set up a laser cutting business on the side for other businesses in Paisley, so you can have two healthy revenue streams working under your brand name. 

Professional Paper Printer 

Printers today are very powerful, allowing you to professionally print a variety of items. Even small businesses run by a single person out of their bedroom will have printers to help improve their branding. From sticker printers to laminate printers, there are many options to help keep your marketing and branding in-house. This can help keep costs down, as you will only ever need to print what you need. 

3D Printer 

If you use a laser cutter and engraver, chances are you will have use for a 3D printer. These 3D printers can be used to create mock-ups of your project plan and can be helpful both with the design process and with the final product. However, they are often very slow and a laser cutter and engraver may be able to complete the same job in a fraction of the time. It also takes a while to truly understand how to use a 3D printer. You won’t be handling any of the production yourself, but understanding how to use the software and create items through 3D modeling is another task altogether that requires patience and has a learning curve. 

Recycling Balers 

If your business deals with a lot of raw materials, then baling machines can be ideal for helping you both sort through your waste better and to also make money off of it. If you can sort through and bale together all the cardboard or metal and sell that on to be used as raw material elsewhere.


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