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You probably heard about gel balling, and now you wish to get a gel blaster gun that is perfect for you? You being here might probably be because you have finally figured out how overwhelming this whole new hobby is. However, don’t fret; choosing a gel balling firearm that is perfect for you will not be that difficult. Join us as we look into gel balling firearms and guide you through the one to go for. 

1.  What Type Of Gel Blaster Firearm Should You Choose?

A normal gel blaster gun mimics real firearms based on looks; as a result, there are classes of gel blasters. Here we have pistol blasters, rifles, shotguns, SMG, and light machine gun blasters. Each one has its respective ups and downs, which are similar to the ups and downs of their real counterparts. For example, pistols shoot in short range, and they are normally used as substitute blasters. Shotguns are based on situations, and they place you at a disadvantage, given the rate of fire. If you are experienced, you might select an SMG or create a kit to serve different situations. Being experienced is a game-changer; hence, you will know what exactly you want. 

  • Pistol Gel Blasters

Being inspired by real weapons, pistol gel blasters are handheld and can contain varieties of gel balls. The information provided along with the gel ball explains in detail how to handle your pistol blaster. They further explain that pistol gel blasters are loaded with a magazine similar to real pistols and are mostly single shot blasters. There are exceptional blasters with unique features, including automatic firing, and this feature is best with larger or drum magazines. 

  • Shotgun Gel Blasters

Shotguns, to some people, this is one of the most fun types of gun to shoot. The slugs, pump-action, double griping, and the massive impact from this gun have made it satisfying for players. Worrying about the legality of this blaster shouldn’t be a case because despite it looking like a real gun, it is still legalized in most areas. Shotgun gel blasters usually have a lower firing rate and reduced range, although some offer single and buckshot firing abilities. 

  • SMG Gel Blasters

If you aim to play close-quarter firing, you might just be better off with SMGs. These SMG blasters offer you excellent firepower, a high firing rate, and enough storage for ammo. Given that these blasters are best for short-range, with enough experience, you could effectively make long-range shots. SMGs have varieties of accessories that you can include to customize the looks of the blaster to match your style. 

  • Sniper Gel Blasters

Sniper blasters are your best option if you love playing invisible, finding a perfect spot, and keeping your opponents confused about where you are shooting from. If you love target practice, these blasters are excellent weapons for it, and they are equally powerful on the battlefield, in the experienced hands. Sniper blasters also have options to either get manually loaded, mag-fed, long barrel, automatics, etc. Sniper blasters offer endless options! 

2.  Budget

Budget, the next crucial factor to be considered! On the contrary, gel blasters are not a buy once, cry once kind of purchase. Buying a blaster for the first time will leave you with wet feet, as well as giving you knowledge of what you want and what you don’t want. Hence, you start searching for available options that sync with your needs. With that said, you are recommended to spend between $200-$300 for your first blaster. There are many models to choose from in this price range, climbing from pistols to SMGs. Your choice could be anything else, but not limited.

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3.  Modding

By now, you might have figured that blasters can be modded. However, it doesn’t apply to all the blasters. There are blaster models that can be modded, and there are also those that are far from being upgraded. Why would you think of modding your blaster? To improve its performance, of course. Various parts of your blaster affect its effectiveness in several ways. For instance, a set of quality gears will make way for more reliable performance, letting you bump without breaking a thing. Similarly, a stronger mechanism will increase the rate of fire. Also, larger batteries improve the power of the blaster. It’s all up to you to decide if modding your blaster is something you want to do. 

4.  Brands

Finally, you should consider patronizing reputable brands for your gel blaster. It’s easy to be misled by cheap brands offering fancy-looking blasters at affordable rates, but the only thing it will be good at is setting you up to fail when the cheap blaster decides to stop functioning in the middle of the game. 

As you play on, you will know what is best for you and what isn’t. It’s normal If a gel blaster doesn’t meet all your requirements. But with this guide, you will be able to choose a gel blaster to suit your play style. What matters the most is stepping out with your chosen gel blaster, playing to the fullest, and gaining more experience. With that done, every other thing will fall in place.