Substance abuse usually starts subtle, but when a person has been too accustomed to using them, specific changes become evident to the outsiders’ eyes.

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If you don’t know the signs you should keep an eye for, here are a few symptoms of substance abuse:

They look tired

We know that working overtime at our respective jobs could often make us look like a zombie to others. Although that’s understandable, some people take this look to the next level.

Since drugs come in contact with your system, they typically lead to slight alterations to your body that would soon be noticeable.

The most apparent substance abuse symptom is bloodshot eyes. The pupils may also appear dilated or pinpointed, caused by the severe effect of consuming various drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, or ketamine.

Depending on how substantial the drugs they took, this change would be easy to trace within the first 1-2 weeks of use.

Other than this, skin complexion and texture would also look. A few tell-tale signs include abnormal flushness or puffiness, and a washed-out color could indicate that the person is continuously taking drugs.

Moreover, these changes are commonly intertwined with certain “tics” or behavior adjustments. Some of them are:

  • Constant sniffling
  • Slurred speech
  • Impulse to pull down their sleeves to hide the marks
  • Frequent itching in particular parts of their body

Even though these signs couldn’t prove that they’re using drugs, it’s something to worry about, especially if you’ve noticed that they’ve lost weight to the point that they look like bones.

Reclusive behavior

Unlike alcohol abuse, drug use typically needs a unique set of items to perform the act. Drug addicts might keep this in private areas, like their room, to guarantee that no one else would find them. Additionally, it gives them more access to the essential tools once they feel an impulse.

As a result, drug users would suddenly become private to all people due to paranoia or the shame and fear of facing social stigmas, leading them to withdraw from relationships.

These could happen through spending an extended period locked in their room or withholding information regarding the people and places they visit whenever they leave their homes.

If you’ve seen these random things together in one space alone, you might have been interacting with a user:

  • Burnt bottle caps or spoons
  • Syringe
  • Razorblade
  • Bongs
  • Rolled up paper bills
  • Cigarette wrapping paper
  • Lighter
  • Pipes
  • Cut-up straws

Of course, not all of these things are being used by users. Some would only need a few based on the kind of drug they’re taking. For example, a cannabis user would only need a lighter and bongs, but others who enjoy other types might be required to utilize cigarette wrapping papers.

Yet, even medication bottles should also raise suspicion in you. It’s not a secret that when addicts lose access to their preferred drugs, they usually turn to misuse certain prescribed medications to achieve the same level of “high.”

They lack control

When a person has a substance dependency, it typically takes over their whole being.

Someone who is spending their time using drugs would forget their limits, especially regarding the dosage they’re taking, leading some to suffer hospitalization due to overdosing.

It’s easier to identify because these types of people are also the ones who couldn’t keep their composers. Drug addicts usually become reactive when feeling some vulnerability, encouraging them to become aggressive towards people.

This also meant having impairments to manage their emotional inputs, making them feel irritated, angry, miserable, or extremely upset most of the time. Individuals who used to be calm might suddenly turn hyper and manic when introduced to drugs, and a cheerful person might abruptly become depressed.

Either way, these all point out to a worsening state of a substance abuse case and need a prompt interference of medical professionals.

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